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Economic Analysis and case study of air energy heat pump

July 29, 2021

Latest company case about Economic Analysis and case study of air energy heat pump

The air energy heat pump water heater is an innovative generation of hot water equipment, which is an efficient device for collecting heat and transferring heat, it consists of the compressor, the electronic expansion valve, the drying filter, the four-way valve, the evaporator, the casing condenser, the fan and other major components of the heat pump device.


It successfully applies the counter Carnot principle, compressor from the evaporator suction low temperature and low pressure gas refrigerant, through work will be compressed into high temperature and high pressure gas, high temperature and high pressure gas into the condenser and water exchange heat, in the condenser is condensed into a cryogenic liquid and released a lot of heat, water absorbs the heat released and the temperature increases.


After the condensed high-pressure and low-temperature liquid is throttled and depressurized by an expansion valve, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air through the role of a fan in the evaporator and volatilizes into a low-pressure gas, which is then compressed by a suction compressor, thus repeating the cycle, to make hot water.

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