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R744 air source heat pump for mining company for getting hot water

July 22, 2021

Latest company case about R744 air source heat pump  for mining company for getting hot water

Introduction for CO2 heat pump for hot water Principle Introduction The compressor sucks low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous carbon dioxide refrigerant from the evaporator, and compresses the carbon dioxide refrigerant into a high-temperature and high-pressure supercritical fluid through work. The high-temperature and high-pressure supercritical fluid enters the gas cooler to exchange heat with water, and is cooled in the gas cooler. The high-pressure fluid releases a lot of heat, and the water absorbs the heat released and the temperature continues to rise. After the high-pressure fluid is throttled and depressurized by the expansion valve, it absorbs heat from the surrounding air and evaporates into low-pressure gas through the action of the fan in the evaporator, and is sucked into the compressor to be compressed, and the cycle is repeated to produce hot water. Features Natural environmental protection refrigerant: ODP is 0, GWP is 1, no pollution to the environment, non-toxic, non-flammable Excellent high-temperature heating performance: the highest water output can reach above 90℃ Excellent low temperature performance: at -20°C ambient temperature, 90°C high temperature hot water can still be produced High efficiency: the heating performance COP can reach 4.5, and when the hot water is produced at low temperature, the COP is still above 2.0 Wide range of application: it can work normally in the ambient temperature range of -20℃~43℃, suitable for our production of domestic or industrial hot water

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