Household Renewable Air To Water Heat Pumps IPLV 4.11
Household Renewable Air To Water Heat Pumps IPLV 4.11
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: DKFXRS-9I/CY
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Air To Water Heat Pumps IPLV 4.11


220V Air To Water Heat Pumps


40Hz Air To Water Heat Pumps

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Heat Source Type: Air Source Heat Pump
Compressor: Panasonic DC Inverter Compressor
Motor: DC Inverter Brushless Motor
Function: Heating, Cooling, Hot Water
Power Supply: 220V-415V
TelAmbient Air Temp: -30 To 43 Degree Celsius
Product Description
Features of Renewable air to water heat pumps for houosehold

Natural comfort

Frequency conversion air can use water system heating and cooling, water system heat exchange temperature difference is small, high evaporation temperature, soft temperature, moisture is not easy to lose, will not make people feel that the air is dry, there is no local cold, local hot, uneven cold and hot, sometimes hot and sometimes cold feeling. The heat capacity of the water system is large, the temperature difference of the defrosting water in winter is small, the indoor temperature is guaranteed, the heat exchange of the water system is carried out through the circulating water pump, the water temperature is stable, and the comfort level is high.


· High efficiency and energy saving

Frequency conversion air can use heat pump technology, heating input 1 electrical energy can get more than 2-4 free heat energy from the outdoor air environment, and then use these thermal energy to heat water, 1 electrical energy consumption is also used to heat water, so the thermal efficiency can reach more than 400%; Refrigeration using the reverse principle, and water system central air conditioning the same energy saving. The experimental data show that the cost of frequency conversion air is only 25% of that of electric floor heating and 45% of that of gas wall-hung furnace floor heating with the same area, so it is an ideal heating product at present.

· Safety and environmental protection


Frequency conversion air can adopt water and electricity separation design, the system is concentrated in the outdoor unit, no refrigerant leakage risk, water system operating pressure is low, small infiltration risk, leakage point is easy to detect, safety and environmental protection, no leakage hidden danger. The host is driven by a small amount of electric energy outdoors, and will not produce exhaust gas indoors, cause air pollution and affect health. There are no potential safety risks such as electricity leakage, air leakage, dry burning and explosion, and it is green and energy saving, safe and reliable.

CORE TECHNOLOGIES of Renewable air to water heat pumps for houosehold
DC INVERTER COMPRESSOR Twin-Cylinder Rotary DC Inverter Compressor
INVERTER TECHNOLOGY: 40Hz-120Hz Wide Frequency operation range
SMART CONTROL SYSTEM:Hitachi DC Inverter Control System

The kinetic energy of subdivision, the water tank is free of washing for lifespan

Closed refrigerant system, safe and stable

Gold - aluminum condensation process rapid frost

Ship cabin positioning monitoring system, accurate detection of water temperature


Air source heat pumps series and application: Water heaters heat pump, swimming pool heat pumps, spa heaters, Radient/underfloor heating,cooling and hot water muldtifunction all in one heat pump

Application: swimming pool, household hot water, schools, restarants, Sauna, spas, day care center`````


We have various specifications and types of Renewable air to water heat pumps for houosehold For House Heating to offer, welcome to contact for furthder details

Triple supply parameters Cooling, heating and hot water functions
Side wind
Side wind)
Side wind
(Out of the wind)
Rated voltage 220V~50Hz 220V~50Hz 220V~50Hz 380V 3N~50Hz
Cooling and heating Nominal cooling
7.8kW(2kW-9kW) 13kW(3kW-15kW) 14.5kW(4kW-16.5kW) 14.5kW(4kW-16.5kW)
Nominal cooling power
2.77KW 4.6KW 5.27KW 5.27KW
Nominal cooling(COP) 2.81 2.82 2.75 2.75
IPLV 4.11 4.13 4.02 4.02
Nominal heating capacity 8.4kW(2.5kW-9.6kW) 14kW(3.5kW-16kW) 17kW(4.3kW-18.5kW) 17kW(2.5kW-18.5kW)
Nominal heating power
2.78KW 4.5KW 5.6KW 5.6KW
Heating Nominal heating capacity 6.8KW 10.5KW 13KW 13KW
Nominal heating
power consumption
1.75KW 2.65KW 3.3KW 3.3KW
Nominal heating(COP) 3.88 3.96 3.93 3.93
Maximum operating current 20A 33A 41A 21A
Maximum power consumption 4KW 6.6KW 7.9KW 7.9KW
Rated water flow 1.34m²/h 2.24m²/h 2.5m²/h 2.5m²/h
Refrigerant/charge volume R410A/1750g R410A/4000g R410A/4000g R410A/4800g
noise ≤54dB(A) ≤56dB(A) ≤57dB(A) ≤58dB(A)
Water resistance ≤14kPa ≤15kPa ≤21kPa ≤21kPa
Maximum working pressure on low
pressure/high pressure side
4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa 4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa 4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa 4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa
Allowable working pressure on
suction/exhaust side
4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa 4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa 4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa 4.5Mpa/0.15Mpa
Anti-shock level I I I I
waterproof level IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Unit size (l× w × h) 1030×410×865(mm) 1030×410×1390(mm) 1030×410×1390(mm) 820×780×1700(mm)
(Cold and warm) Caliber of inlet
and outlet
DN25 DN32 DN32 DN32
(Hot water) Caliber DN20 DN25 DN25 DN25
Application area 60㎡ 100㎡ 110㎡ 110㎡
Some projects of Renewable air to water heat pumps for houosehold
Household Renewable Air To Water Heat Pumps IPLV 4.11 0Household Renewable Air To Water Heat Pumps IPLV 4.11 1
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