Air energy heat pump drying equipment/food drying equipment:chicken breast dryer.

August 2, 2021

Latest company news about Air energy heat pump drying equipment/food drying equipment:chicken breast dryer.

    Beef dryer is also suitable for dry chicken, dried chicken breast, dried fish, dried rabbit, duck, dried salmon, dried mutton, dried pork, dried sausage, dried bacon, salted egg yolk and other meat drying dehumidification.Air heat pump drying equipment/food drying equipment/chicken breast drying machine

    Air energy heat pump dryer is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving dryer, using the inverse Carnot cycle principle, using a small amount of electric energy to drive the compressor operation, after the expansion valve of high pressure liquid working medium in the evaporator evaporationAir heat pump drying equipment/food drying equipment/chicken breast dryer into gas, and a lot of heat absorption from the air, gaseous medium compressed into high temperature and high pressure liquid by the compressor, and then into the condenser to release heat, and then through the fan, the heat generated by the condenser is sent to the drying chamber for heating and drying.

    Because the air energy heat pump dryer is not affected by external environment, weather, seasons and climate, it can work 24 hours continuously, can ensure the quality, color, appearance form and drying the active ingredients of the product, it can be air can heat pump drying equipment drying equipment/chicken/food dryer dry different products to meet the requirements.Therefore, it can be widely used in the drying of aquatic products, meat products, Chinese medicinal materials, agricultural and by-products, fruits and vegetables, food, grain, seeds, clothing, tea, paper making, wood, industry and other fields.

    The advantages of dryer:

    1, high degree of automation and intelligence: the use of automatic constant temperature, 24 hours of continuous drying operation.

    2, environmental protection, no pollution: huaxin high temperature heat pump dryer is a kind of environmental protection, energy saving drying equipment, does not produce any harmful substances in the drying process, drying process there will be no generation of smoke or flame, air can heat pump drying equipment drying equipment/chicken/food dryer without combustion and emissions, is a kind of sustainable development of environmental protection product.

    3, high efficiency and energy saving: mode without drying process, the material after drying or drying temperature reached good units will automatically stop, achieve energy saving effect, the unit running under normal pressure, the main characteristics embodied in the aspect of energy saving, than microwave infrared heating tube, such as energy saving more than 50%, 40% energy saving than burning oil, 20% energy saving than burning coal -- 30%, 1 KWH = 4 KWH.

    4, easy installation: easy installation and disassembly, small footprint, can be installed in the indoor and outdoor.

    5, a wide range of application, not affected by climate: can be widely used in food, agricultural and sideline products, seafood, paper, wood, leather, chemical, pharmaceutical and other areas that need to dry.

    Heat pump meat dryer is a hot air generating device based on air energy.The construction of drying room is made of polyurethane plate.The fan system dehumidification 360 degrees evenly.The main structure: 1, the host: heat pump drying and dehumidification host (input use very little power to absorb free heat from the air, used to dry the meat material) 2, drying room: polyurethane foam air can heat pump drying equipment drying equipment/chicken/food dryer heat preservation warehouse (custom), to place or hang meat products, insulation, so as not to lose heat.3. Oasthouse circulation system: heat is brought to every corner of the oasthouse to raise the temperature of the oasthouse and take away the water evaporated from meat products.4. Damp drainage system: Most of the hot and humid air in the baking room condenses into water and is discharged, and the excess water vapor is discharged through the fan.5, automatic intelligent control system: according to the most appropriate drying process curve, automatic adjustment of temperature, humidity, drying time.6. Unique energy saving technology: high efficiency waste heat recovery and dehumidification device, saving 30% energy than ordinary heat pump dryer.

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