Air water heater common troubleshooting methods

July 28, 2021

Latest company news about Air water heater common troubleshooting methods

    When common faults of air energy water heater occur, the control system of brand air energy water heater will be shut down in time for protection, and will alarm prompt users for timely maintenance and treatment. When the fault is removed, the system will automatically resume operation.

    General temperature sensor (temperature sensing probe) fault, defrost with the fin probe failure, the host can not defrost, frost will freeze and stop.

    If other temperature sensors fail, the host will report failure and stop.In this case, it is necessary to timely control the fault code table of each brand.Replace the probe in time.Remove the fault and restore the host.

    Leakage, when the host is working, the sheet metal is charged.It's probably the copper tubing that's worn through the power cord.

    Use a multimeter to check whether the fan cable is in collusion with the fan shell. Check the compressor in the same way.In addition, the capacitance of the fan compressor should also be checked.The control system is also possible.Check it out.

    System problems such as dirt jam caused by high pressure, low pressure is very low.Can be checked with pressure gauge commonly, observation method is good also.On either side of the stuck position, there will be frost and dew on one side.Find an air conditioner master to change one can remove the fault.

    Water system problems such as the water inlet safety valve leakage water is generally normal, such as the connection position water leakage reconnect on the line.Water tank leakage generally no way to repair only replacement.The leakage at the bottom of the main engine is normal evaporator dew.

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