Can air heat pump heating systems work good? Is it a good deal?

August 2, 2021

Latest company news about Can air heat pump heating systems work good? Is it a good deal?

    Over the years, with the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for material and spiritual life are becoming higher and higher, especially after a day of work and study, a warm and comfortable environment at home is particularly important.With the research in the field of new energy, air energy heat pump heating system has come into our lives, and is gradually replacing coal-fired boilers, gas-fired wall-hung furnaces, etc.The more important question, then, must be does it really work?What are its advantages?Is the value for money really high?

    How to install the air heating system, indoor is the radiator, floor heating or extension coil that we often come into contact with, and outdoor is the core of the heating system that is the heating part: heat pump unit and insulation water tank.Air energy heat pump carries out energy transfer and water heating through Carnot cycle. In this process, it does not consume energy nor produce waste gas that harms the environment and may cause accidents. From this point of view, it has the common green, safe and environmental protection of new energy.And when installing the heating system, we must choose a high-grade heat pump, because the air heat pump can determine the stability and safety of heating to a certain extent.

    So, are air-powered heating systems more comfortable?Most of the air heating systems will transfer the heat to the water, and the internal devices are mostly floor heating. The heat is passed into the human body from the soles of the feet, which is more comfortable and has the effect similar to foot treatment, which can promote the blood circulation of the human body.And can maintain the indoor uniform and stable temperature, some new brands of air can be cold and hot all-in-one machine can provide summer cooling service heating system, a warm dual use, more convenient and comfortable.

    In 2016 Beijing carried out the policy of "coal to electricity", can the air heating system began to put into use widely throughout the country, the research in this aspect also devoted more efforts to research resources, at the same time, is that the benefits of air to the improvement of the heating system is more advanced energy-saving, compared with our old central heating?Studies have shown that air heating is generally about 60 percent more energy efficient than a gas wall - hung furnace.

    Now, we can see many commercial hotels, schools and large clubs are can use air heating system, and is not applied widely in common people home, through a series of analysis above, can can see air heating can also be more widely applied to families, is not only comfortable and safe money for family,It can also contribute to the sustainable development of energy and environmental protection.

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