Comparison Between The Gas Water Heater And Air Water Heater

July 26, 2021

Latest company news about Comparison Between The Gas Water Heater And Air Water Heater

1. From the point of view of the applicable families, air-powered water heater is suitable for large families, because it has a large heat storage tank, small families may not have enough space to install. The gas water heater's volume is small, then the influence is not big. However, gas-fired water heaters are more popular in cities and more suitable for air-fired water heaters in rural areas.

2. In terms of operating costs, the air heater is much lower than the gas heater. Because the air heater only needs a small amount of electricity to drive, mainly to absorb heat in the air to heat, the operating cost is a third of gas water heater.

3. From the comfort point of view, gas water heater is prone to hot and cold, comfort effect is not ideal. Air Water Heater water temperature constant, and can be in multiple locations, multiple rooms, at the same time to supply hot water, only one device, can meet the whole room hot water demand.

4. From the point of view of safety, the air water heater adopts the design method of separating water and electricity, the charged metal elements do not have direct contact with water and do not emit harmful gas, which is very safe; the gas water heater needs natural gas, and natural gas has a certain security risk.

5. From the price point of view, a better gas water heater is between 2000 and 3000 yuan, air water heaters are generally more than 6000 yuan,which the price is far higher than gas water heaters.

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