How does the air source water heat work?

July 26, 2021

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    The air source heat pump is based on The inverse Carnot cycle,Heat energy is transported from a cold object to a hot object by doing work.The air energy water heater is mainly composed of evaporator, compressor, condenser, expansion valve and fan, filter dryer, liquid storage tank, intelligent controller and other accessories.During the air source heat pump working procession,The working medium (also known as refrigerant ,low boiling point) enters the evaporator,Under the action of the draught fan, a large amount of heat energy in the air is exchanged and absorbed in the evaporator. After absorbing the heat energy, the temperature of the working medium rises and changes from liquid to gas;

    The working medium in the form of gas enters the air compressor and converts the working medium into high temperature and high pressure gas with the help of a small amount of electricity,After compression, the high-energy working medium enters the condenser for heat exchange with water and releases heat energy. After the water absorbs the heat energy, the temperature rises, and the energy of the working medium decreases and turns from gas to liquid.The working medium converted into liquid enters the expansion valve after throttling treatment and then enters the evaporator to start the next cycle.Air source heat pump uses heat pump technology to transport heat from a low temperature object to a high temperature object with the help of a small amount of electricity,so it can effectively use the heat in the air.According to the law of conservation of energy:


    Q2 is the total energy of hot water,W is the power consumed by the compressor,Q1 is the absorption of heat in the air

    Energy efficiency ratio of air energy heat pump is COP ,the COP is The ratio of the total energy gained by hot water to the electricity consumed



    It can be known from the above equation that COP of air energy water heater is always greater than 1,It shows that the total energy absorbed by the heat pump technology is always greater than the electric quantity of the function,thus achieve the effect of energy saving.

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