How to choose air source heat pump

July 29, 2021

Latest company news about How to choose air source heat pump

    As the country advocates energy saving and emission reduction, water heater as an essential electrical equipment for every family, air water heater because of its energy saving, environmental protection and safe and comfortable characteristics, in recent years by the public love of the degree of a straight rise.More and more consumers begin to use air to be able to water heater while, how to choose a water heater that suits oneself is very important.    

    First, when choosing, attention should be paid to the number of applicants.When choosing a water heater, tank capacity is arguably the most important.If the capacity is small, there will be insufficient hot water. If the capacity is large, it will cause extravagance and waste and increase power consumption.

    Two, clear installation location.Because of the diversification of air water heater products, according to the different installation position, the choice of air water heater is also different.If installed indoors, an integrated air heater is more suitable because it takes up less space and is less of a burden on daily life.If it is a split type air water heater, it is best to choose to install it outdoors, because it can absorb the outside air very well, so as to achieve better heating effect.

    Third, look at qualifications and details

1. Whether the product has national basic safety certification

2. Whether the product has the test report of national authority

3. Whether the business can provide professional and effective services

4. Compressor, liner, unit configuration, shell and after-sales service, etc

    The choice of air water heater needs to refer to a variety of parameters, and a good water heater is to withstand the test, whether from the material or the use of feeling is very important, learn to identify the ability of air water heater, the future choice will be easy.


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