How to choose the installation position of air source heat pump? What to Watch out for?

July 30, 2021

Latest company news about How to choose the installation position of air source heat pump? What to Watch out for?

    With the gradual rise of air energy heat pump market, more and more households began to choose to use air energy heat pump for heating.Now with the in-depth implementation of coal to electricity, the market presents a state of eruption, many people have installed the use of air heat pump at home, so where is the best place to install air heat pump?Let's briefly introduce how to choose the installation position of air heat pump for you.

    1. roof.

    Some hotels or schools, the roof has a lot of space, very conducive to the installation of air heat pump, installed on the roof should choose to install load-bearing beams.

    2. The yard

    Rural self-built houses and villas, generally have a large area of the yard, the first floor directly installed air heat pump, but also save the cost of a lifting truck, but the yard is exposed to the natural environment, in order to avoid sticks and other debris into the fan and damage to the evaporator, we should pay attention to the necessary protection of the air heat pump body.

    3. balcony.

    In most residential or office buildings, balconies are designed to be spacious, with plenty of room for an air-powered heat pump.Placed on the balcony can make air heat pump body from the sun and rain, more conducive to prolonging product service life


    4.Outdoor air conditioning space

    For the split type, the heat pump host is installed in the outdoor air conditioning space reserved for the building, and the water tank is installed on the balcony, which is a good solution.But at present, many families have installed more than one air conditioner, and the outdoor air conditioner reserved is basically no vacant position.So installed in the reserved air conditioning space of the air water heater is not much.But with the co-branded"Reserve air energy heat pump position.I believe that the situation will gradually improve.Say that these air can heat pump installation location, a lot of people will ask, I can these several places, how should I choose?So let's say,

What should be paid attention to when choosing the installation position of air heat pump?

    1) Stay as close as possible to the main heating pipe

    The main engine should be as close as possible to the main heating pipe and the electrical control box, and the shorter the connection pipe, the better.This not only reduces the installation cost, but also reduces the heat dissipation of the outdoor pipeline, and can ensure the performance of the unit.For the frequency conversion split machine requirements are higher, the distance between the indoor unit and outdoor unit is not more than 3 meters.The indoor equipment room should also be insulated to prevent the equipment from being frozen due to a prolonged power failure.

    2) Stay out of the bedroom

    The installation position is far away from the bedroom, the air can start the noise, running also has noise, affect sleep.Keep your bedroom away from your own, but also keep your neighbor's bedroom away from you.

    3) Pay attention to ventilation

    The surrounding of the installation unit should be clean and not piled up debris, so as not to affect ventilation.

Air energy heat pump is a heat generation unit by absorbing the heat in the air. It changes with the change of environmental temperature. The higher the environmental temperature is, the better the heating effect is and the lower the energy consumption is.On the contrary, the lower the ambient temperature, the worse the heating effect, the more energy consumption unit, so the conditions, the unit must be installed in the sun, ventilation effect is good place, so it will be more energy saving.

    Air energy heat pump unit installation precautions, must be standardized construction, Bilai air energy proposal, the installation work is done, not only can save time, save cost, the use effect is guaranteed, in the later use and maintenance will be more convenient and simple.

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