How to clean the air source water heater

July 29, 2021

Latest company news about How to clean the air source water heater

    1. Prepare the scale remover and tools.

    2. Pour the scale remover in proportion to the bucket and stir until it is completely dissolved.

    3. Drain the water in the tank and thoroughly remove silt and dirt.

    4. Close the drainage valve, inject fresh water, and start the pump to circulate water.

    5. When using water, the front section of water will be drained for sanitary cleaning.

    6. Drain the waste water from the cleaning process into the sewer and flush the system with clean water.A lot of people feel difficult, this is normal, the scale of the water heater is generally removed, it is recommended to ask professional after-sales personnel to operate, to prevent improper operation of the machine.

    In fact, we can think of the water heater as our body minor diseases, small pain is like the water heater began to precipitate, major disease is like scaling, a long time will have to operate, so it is important to our daily regular maintenance.How to maintain it regularly?2. Pull P&T valve handle on air energy water heater to relieve pressure 3.4. Loosen the hot water outlet pipe of the air heater, and use atmospheric pressure to discharge the water in the tank automatically.After the sewage is drained clean, the sewage plug is tightened, the hot water outlet pipe is connected, and the water inlet valve is opened to complete the sewage discharge.6 air water heater is generally half a year to a year sewage, mainly depending on the local water quality.In addition, if you want to once and for all or steal lazy, you can install filters or water purifiers, they can filter large particles of impurities, sand and other materials and sediments that may form dirt.

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