How to install heat exchanger CO2 heat pump water heater?

March 23, 2022

Latest company news about How to install heat exchanger CO2 heat pump water heater?

The utility model relates to a heat exchange carbon dioxide heat pump hot water integrated machine, which comprises a box body, a first chamber at the top of the box body and a second chamber below the First Chamber; The Air Cooler comprises a compressor, a throttling mechanism, a controller and an air cooler and an evaporator arranged in the First Chamber; the Air Cooler has an inner sleeve and an outer sleeve located outside the inner sleeve, a water supply channel is formed between the inner casing and the outer casing, the inner casing is used for the passage of carbon dioxide, the air cooler and the evaporator are separated by foam layers arranged in the box body; and the Water Holding Chamber Assembly, the Water Holding Chamber Assembly is arranged in the second chamber and communicated with the Water Channel; the box body is also provided with a water replenishing opening and a plurality of water outlet which are connected with the Water Holding Chamber Assembly. The all-in-one machine in this case reduces the space occupied by its structure shape, saves the manufacturing cost, and can be applied to more application occasions.

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