How to take advantage of the use of carbon dioxide heat pump units to do what?

March 22, 2022

Latest company news about How to take advantage of the use of carbon dioxide heat pump units to do what?

The main reason for using CO 2 is that a lot of freon, such as R12 and R22, have been proved to be harmful to the environment. One is the destruction of the ozone layer, the other is the greenhouse effect, and Co 2 is a natural gas that comes from the earth and does not affect the environment even if it is emitted to the earth. However, as a refrigerant heat pump system, the working pressure of Co 2 is very high, the high pressure exceeds 100kgf/cm2, while the high pressure of R22 heat pump system is generally more than 2kgf/cm2. Therefore, the fittings of Co 2 heat pump system and copper pipes need high pressure resistance, as a result, the cost is much higher than that of a conventional heat pump system. However, as a heat pump, the use of Co 2 also has the advantage of a higher exhaust temperature and a better performance at lower temperatures. As a heat pump water heater, this means that hot water can be fired at higher temperatures, such as 90 °C, it can also work at lower ambient temperatures such as-15 °C. At present, many domestic air energy enterprises are promoting and publicizing the carbon dioxide heat pump units, but there are some differences in product quality and application effect. Good Quality CO2 heat pump unit in the system settings, product performance, stability and safety have the corresponding requirements, so in the selection of time need special attention.

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