How to use CO2 heat pump sludge drying system?

February 28, 2022

Latest company news about How to use CO2 heat pump sludge drying system?

The carbon dioxide heat pump sludge drying system comprises a sludge drying unit, wherein the sludge drying unit is used for drying the sludge to obtain dried sludge and moist hot air; And a carbon dioxide heat pump unit for forming the moist hot air flowing from the sludge drying unit into the carbon dioxide heat pump unit into dry high temperature air, the Dry high-temperature air is then returned to the sludge drying unit, and the dry high-temperature air is used as a heat source for drying the sludge. The invention adopts a supercritical CO2 heat pump set, the exhaust temperature of the compressor is high, the CO2 latent heat is high and does not condense, so the hot air outlet temperature can reach above 100 °C, and the drying efficiency is greatly enhanced.

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