Installation method of air energy water heater

July 29, 2021

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Installation method of air energy water heater

1, air can host installation

1) The installation of the air energy host is the same as the installation requirements of the air conditioner outdoor unit.Can be installed on the external wall, roof, balcony, ground.The air outlet should be away from the windward direction.

2) The distance between the main engine and the storage tank shall not be more than 5 meters, and the standard configuration is 3 meters.

3) the distance between the host and the surrounding walls or other shielding objects can not be too small.

4) If the canopy can protect the air to prevent wind and sun exposure, attention should be paid to ensure that the heat absorption and heat dissipation of the host heat exchanger are not hindered.

5) The main engine should be installed in a place with solid foundation, and ensure that it is installed vertically and fixed with anchor bolts.

6) Do not install the control panel in the bathroom, so as not to affect the normal work.

2. Installation of water storage tank

1) The water storage tank can be installed with the air outdoor unit in the outdoor, such as the balcony, roof, ground, can also be installed in the indoor.Water storage tank must be installed on the ground, the installation site foundation is solid, must bear to 500kg weight, not hanging on the wall.

2) There are valves near the water storage tank and at the interface of the water supply pipe and hot water pipe.

Note: the water outlet of the storage tank must be connected to a PPR pipe above 1. 5 m.

3. Water connection

1) Connect the outlet water interface with PP-R pipe according to the drawing with the storage tank, and seal it with raw material belt.

2) one end of the check valve is connected with the water pipe, and the other end is connected with the water inlet pipe of the storage tank.

3) Fill with water: open the water inlet valve, open the hot water pipe out of the faucet.Start filling water until the faucet overflows. Close the faucet.Storage water leak detection, to ensure that water leakage can be.

Note: For the first use, ensure that the water in the storage tank has been filled before plugging in the power supply.

4. Connection of heat pipe

1) drill a ф 70 pipe hole on the wall between the storage tank and the air energy main engine, and the hole should be slightly inclined to the outside.Wrap the cables of a certain length with plastic cable ties, pass them through the drilled pipe holes, and cover the wall pipe jackets on both sides.

2) Remove the head cap on the tank thickness connection pipe, screw the thickness connection pipe to the joint on the tank thickness connection pipe, and tighten it forcefully with a wrench.

3) unscrew the head cap of the thick and thin connecting pipe mouth of the high pressure valve and low pressure valve of the host, screw the other end of the thick and thin connecting pipe to the inlet of the working medium of the water tank, and tighten the pipe mouth of the thick and thin connecting pipe of the working medium outlet with a wrench (note: the thick pipe is connected with the three-way valve and the upper connector of the water tank).

Note: try not to bend the copper pipe, even if the distortion do not make the copper pipe folded or cracked

5. Connection of electrical appliances

1) The socket must be reliably grounded.

2) The capacity of the power socket should meet the current and power requirements of different models of hosts.

Note: Power outlets must be reliably grounded!!

3) Put the water temperature sensor probe into the probe tube in the middle of the water tank and fix it.

6. Pipeline exhaust

1) Remove the cap from the adjusting port of the low pressure valve and the high pressure valve.

2) Connect the vacuum pump interface to the fluorine injection port.

3) Ensure that the vacuum is qualified, the time of evacuation is not less than 20 minutes.If it is inconvenient to evacuate the refrigerant, use R22 to exhaust the refrigerant, and check for leaks. At the same time, the residual refrigerant gas pressure should not exceed 0.05mpa.

4) Turn the spool of the low pressure valve and the high pressure valve counterclockwise with the inner six wrench to fully open!!Replace all caps and tighten them tight.

5) Leak detection: use soapy water to check the connection of each pipe and each cap mouth, whether there is leakage, if there is, must tighten with a wrench to avoid leakage, absolutely do not allow leakage phenomenon.

Note: Air containing moisture entering the system may cause the compressor to work abnormally.

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