Is air water heater worth buying?

July 29, 2021

Latest company news about Is air water heater worth buying?

    Air water heater is the current water heater market upstart, the biggest advantage lies in energy saving, but energy saving at the same time the price is not low, in the end is the air energy saving money more cost-effective or cheaper to buy other types of water heater more cost-effective?Today let's calculate this account, to see whether the air water heater is worth it, in the end how to buy.

    1 the principle of air energy water heater

The principle of air water heater seems to make a lot of friends inexplicable, in fact, we can look at it this way: air water heater is a single cooling air conditioning, but the waste heat generated by refrigeration is used to heat water.To put it bluntly, it is to rely on compressor and pipeline will be the heat in the air "transport" to the water tank to heat water, the efficiency of transport is generally much higher than direct electricity to heat water, the electric energy of 1 kilowatt can transport the heat of 3~4 kilowatts, so, its efficiency is ordinary electric water heater 3~4 times, naturally super energy saving.This principle also avoids the hot water and electricity direct contact, safety is very good.

From the installation mode, can be divided into integrated and split.

    The integrated cooling air generated by the heating will be discharged to the water heater, generally installed in the balcony or terrace, the volume is relatively large, summer can use the exhaust air to cool the room.No outdoor unit, as long as the installation location temperature is not too low to ensure hot water supply.

Split type and common air conditioning, divided indoor and outdoor unit, compared with the integrated model, the volume of indoor unit is smaller, more convenient to install, the outdoor unit will heat the cool air emission to the outdoor, suitable for outdoor temperature is not too low areas.

Overall, the air water heater is a big investment, but the long-term use cost is low, as long as the outside temperature is not zero or below, its hot water generation efficiency is very high.Now the air water heater product also has the electric heating function, when the outside temperature is very low, it becomes the ordinary electric water heater, can ensure the all-weather hot water

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