IS "High and mighty" air water heater value?

July 28, 2021

Latest company news about IS "High and mighty" air water heater value?

1.*The principle of an air-powered water heater the principle of an air-powered water heater seems to be confusing to many people.


In fact, you can look at it this way: an air-powered water heater is just a single cold air-conditioner. It is nothing more than waste heat from refrigeration used to heat water. To put it bluntly, air compressors and pipelines are used to "transport" heat from the air to the water tank to heat the water. The efficiency of transport is generally much higher than that of direct electricity to heat the water.


1 Kilowatt of electric energy can carry 3 ~ 4 kilowatts of heat, its efficiency is ordinary electric water heater 3 ~ 4 times, naturally super energy-saving. This principle also avoids direct contact between Hot Water and electricity and is very safe.


But the same principle has its drawbacks.


1. Moving heat to be able to move, the outside temperature is low, moving efficiency is very low. So when the temperature is zero or below zero, it's less efficient. The north of the winter, the original use of hot water more, this time air water heater is not to power; and the South is much better, even in the winter temperature will not be very low, so it is very suitable for air water heater.


2. The process of handling must be carried out continuously to allow the water in the tank to slowly warm up to a suitable temperature, so the air heater has a large water tank, usually in the range of 100-300 liters, and the installation of such a large water tank is also a problem, general 100 liters or so small capacity can be installed in the bathroom or kitchen load-bearing wall, large capacity floor installation in the balcony or balcony.


3. Transporting Heat requires compressors, evaporators, condensers and other devices, which are naturally more complicated than ordinary electric water heaters and gas water heaters, so their manufacturing costs are relatively high. In addition, the marketing time is not very long, and the current prices are still relatively expensive, most are around five thousand or more yuan, a large investment.



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