Is it good to use air heat pump for collective heating in the block?

August 2, 2021

Latest company news about Is it good to use air heat pump for collective heating in the block?

    Immediately again to the heating season of the year, the traditional heating, such as coal, the cost is generally high, and the temperature is sometimes hot and sometimes cold, air heat pump heating is a popular heating method, if the use of residential air central heating will improve these phenomena?

    In fact, central heating is better for each building in a community than for a single unit, and the cost is less shared.Multiple storage tanks can also be configured to store hot water during peak heating periods, thus further reducing heating costs.Since the air energy unit and water tank occupy a large volume, if every household has its own air energy heating unit and energy storage tank, it will seriously affect the beauty of the whole unit.Air can be central heating is beneficial to the overall appearance of the community.Therefore, the air can be central heating community, rather than scattered home heating.

    Air-powered heat pump central heating, compared to boiler central heating, is more energy efficient and eliminates environmental damage.This plot can air engineering, the need to use air can heat pump units transmitte control, has been in the north has successful cases, handan city, hebei province chengan a residential heat pump central heating engineering as an example, the village originally using water source heat pump heating, but because not enough environmental protection, in 2017, water source heat pump is the environmental protection department banned.Therefore, the community uses air energy low temperature heating unit 18, for the community 65,000 square heating.The installation and debugging of the heating system was completed in early November 2017, and it was put into operation on December 15, 2018. The heating season ended on March 15, 2018.

    The key to the success of district heat pump heating is to find the right brand, the construction method should be correct.For example, the company's ultra-low temperature heat pump, the use of a number of air energy high-tech support, unit heating strong, full heat exchange, throttling effect is excellent, in the -35℃ environment can still be stable heating, in the winter average temperature is in the environment of minus zero pressure.Energy saving, cleaning and heating efficiency are extremely good.

    Air heat pump heating effect is very good, such as used to reflect the coldest days in January, the heat pump can still be normal heating, and the indoor temperature is kept at about 22℃.Throughout the heating season, there were no customer complaints.Most importantly, the operation cost is very low. In the four-month heating season, the total electricity cost is 720,000 yuan. With the management, maintenance and other expenses, the operation cost of the project is about 11.3 yuan /㎡, nearly 10 yuan cheaper than the municipal central heating.

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