On the order of the general, 100,000 air-powered water heaters arrived

July 27, 2021

Latest company news about On the order of the general, 100,000 air-powered water heaters arrived

Air Energy Water Heater, also known as "air source heat pump water heater" . "Air Energy Water Heater" absorbs the low-temperature heat in the air, vaporizes through the fluorine medium, then pressurizes and heats up through the compressor, and then converts it into water for heating through the heat exchanger, the compressed heat is used to heat the water.


The air energy water heater has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. It produces the same amount of hot water, which is 4-6 times of the ordinary electric water heater. The new product overcomes the solar water heating's dependence on sunlight for heat and the inconvenience of installation. Because the work of air water heater is heat transfer through medium, it does not need electric heating element to contact with water directly, which avoids the danger of electric leakage of electric water heater and the danger of explosion and poisoning of gas water heater, more effective control of the gas water heater emissions caused by air pollution.


Air-powered water heaters do not require sunlight, so they can be kept indoors or outdoors. It is difficult to produce hot water immediately after solar water heating is used up, and if electrical heating takes a long time, an air heater can operate under pressure 24 hours a day, as long as it is above zero degrees Celsius. As a result, even after a tank of water is used, an hour or so of air-powered water heaters can generate another tank of hot water in even less time.


At the same time, it can fundamentally eliminate the leakage of electric water heater, dry burning and gas water heater when the use of harmful gases and other safety hazards. The air source heat pump water heater, as its name implies, carries the heat from the air into the water through the refrigerant.


The traditional electric water heater and gas water heater obtain heat energy by consuming gas and electricity, air Water heaters, which heat water by absorbing heat from the air, use about three times as much energy to heat the water as they use the same amount of electricity.

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