Schools have air-powered heat pumps, saying goodbye to pricey hot water

August 2, 2021

Latest company news about Schools have air-powered heat pumps, saying goodbye to pricey hot water

    A 10-minute shower costs at least 7 yuan. The higher the floor, the more you spend. The more water you burn, the more you spend.In response, the college responded on September 6, saying that the hot water supplier agreed to adjust the price of hot water to 55 yuan per ton (the price is around 0.05 yuan per liter based on the liter) and implement it immediately.

    When it comes to hot water price is so high, hospital officials said the hot water supply source is different from the government and water supply, unified pricing is for hot water supply, execute business pricing, all fees, collect, by hot water supplier price structure is mainly composed of: hot water supplier purchase equipment, maintenance, management of cost, manpower, electricity, water, etc.

Is this hot water price the so-called cost price?The author has no detailed understanding of it, and I dare not talk nonsense, but it is certainly expensive, because according to the author's understanding, the price of hot water in other schools in Wuhan is generally more than 10 yuan, and the most is more than 30 yuan.

    So, other school hot water prices so low?The author thinks that it may be because the hot water equipment used in these schools is energy-saving, so the operating cost is lower.For example, in 2017, Wuhan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hubei installed Nuentai Air energy heat pump to provide hot water service for the 9 student dormitories in the north of huangjiahu Campus, humanities building, pharmacy building classrooms and other places.

    Learned, air can heat pump a in the air free heat hot water equipment for energy production, because of major energy comes from the air, and not like ordinary electric water heater heating in the form of "electrical and thermal conversion, so air can heat pump when using very province electricity, power consumption is only a quarter of the ordinary electric water heater, is one of the most energy saving heating equipment in the world.

    Compared with gas, oil, coal boiler, air heat pump work without any fuel, will not produce open fire, there is no exhaust emissions, so the use of air heat pump not only eliminate the possibility of fire, explosion, poisoning and other accidents, but also reduce the emissions of air pollutants, to protect the atmospheric environment.

    So far, the hot water system has been in operation for nearly two years at Wuhan University of Chinese Medicine in Hubei Province.The relevant person in charge of the school said that the equipment runs stably, has not had any problems in the past two years, and the energy-saving effect is excellent, which meets the operational needs of the school.

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