The development of air water heater

July 26, 2021

Latest company news about The development of air water heater

For a long time, the air energy water heater has been developing in a zigzag way.


First, because its technology is still to be developed and upgraded.Some defects (low energy efficiency at low temperatures, large space occupied, etc.) need to be overcome. At present, the shortage of funds has been improved to a certain extent, some of the air heater manufacturers have received special funding support, so that products in the vigorously technical research and development, at the same time, have a certain amount of funds to promote. Secondly, the popularity of air-powered water heaters is not high.


Second, the capital required to purchase them is relatively expensive.Above the market price of ordinary water heater. The technical breakthrough of air energy water heater is obvious, which not only greatly reduces its volume, but also overcomes the low temperature problem. Because of its advantages of low energy consumption and high environmental protection, it is supported by the national energy-saving and civil engineering policy, and increases its subsidy amount, which is beneficial to the popularization of the whole people.


Finally, the Air Energy Water Heater Brand Road Rough. Because there are many brands on the market, good and bad coexist, it is inevitable that there are fish eyes mixed with the pearl of the illegal business profiteering. Therefore in the air energy water heater further development process, the most important is to establish the brand image. In recent years, with the air water heater energy efficiency measurement standards, about 20% of the manufacturers will face the market out, this move is more conducive to the strength of the brand to further expand the market, to achieve branded sales.

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