The Introduction Of Air Heat Pump(Ⅰ)

July 27, 2021

Latest company news about The Introduction Of Air Heat Pump(Ⅰ)

    A water heater including a water container, a combustion chamber adjacent the water container, a burner associated with the combustion chamber, a blower located to receive combustion products generated by the burner, an intake air conduit connected to the combustion chamber and having a combustion air intake opening, a dilution air conduit connected to the blower and having a dilution air intake opening; and a flammable vapor sensor having at least an operative portion positioned in the blower or the dilution air conduit.

    The water cycle water heater adopts high efficiency heat exchanger and built-in water pump inside the heat pump, which ensures not only high efficient performance of the system but also easy installation.

    It supplies domestic hot water for shower, washing can save energy up to 80% compared with traditional gas boiler or electric water heater.


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