The Introduction Of Air Heat Pump(Ⅳ)

July 28, 2021

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Water heater with flammable vapor and co sensors

A water heater including a water container, a combustion chamber adjacent the water container, a burner associated with the combustion chamber, a flue gas collector located to receive flue gases generated in the combustion chamber, a CO sensor having at least an operative portion proximate the flue gas collector, a flammable vapor sensor having at least an operative portion positioned proximate a location where combustion air enters the combustion chamber, and a controller operatively connected to the CO and flammable vapor sensors and adapted to receive signals generated by the CO and flammable vapor sensors and responsively shut off combustion in the combustion chamber.
*2.Temperature fluctuation.
Temperature fluctuation range depends on the response speed and buffering capacity of the system. The faster the response, the bigger the buffer, the smaller the fluctuation. When the response is fast enough, the demand for buffering also decreases. From the point of view of usage, dozens of liters of water storage tanks as a buffer, is not able to meet all the needs.
The air energy water tank basic above 100L, may alleviate the contradiction to a certain extent, but has not solved the problem from the root. The electric instantaneous heating type and the gas type have good performance to the stable system because of the sufficient power, but the electric instantaneous heating type has the great advantage because of its rapid response under the condition of the drastic change of water quantity (common) and the fluctuation of water inlet temperature (unusual) . Air energyelectricity stores water (enough) electricity is heat (enough) gas (not enough) air energy (not enough) electricity stores water (not enough).
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