The main advantages of water heater pump

July 26, 2021

Latest company news about The main advantages of water heater pump

1.Available Hot.Hot water is always available, it can run as long as it has electricity and not affected by the bad weather.So there is enough hot water to take a bath in rainy weather; the Air Energy Water Heater has a large capacity, and the air can store the heated water in an insulated water tank, let consumption at any time have hot water to wash, not for no hot water bath and trouble.

2. Save Electricity.The same heating 200L water, air water heater only 1.2 yuan, solar water heating 4.8 yuan (electricity-assisted heating) , electric water heater 4.8 yuan, gas water heater 3.6 yuan, we can see, air-powered water heaters save a lot of electricity compared to other water heaters, can help consumers solve the problem of high power consumption of water heaters, use less electricity, provide more hot water.

3. Strong Function.The air energy water heater hot water not only can use in the bathroom, can use to the entire family, it can satisfy the entire family the hot water demand, the consumer washes the hand, washes the vegetables, washes the bowl also not to need to reboil the water, is convenient many; Air Water Heater and the kitchen air-conditioning function, can reduce the kitchen temperature 7 ° C-8 ° C, completely solve the kitchen hot issue let consumers in a cool kitchen cooking cooking.

4. Constant temperature.Air water heater hot water has a constant temperature, its water temperature is constant at 35 ° C-60 ° C, consumers can hit the switch on a constant temperature of hot water bath, do not have to worry about the water temperature is too hot and scalded, water temperature is too cold cold cold.

5. SAFE. Air water heater directly from the air to absorb heat, do not establish any pollutants; completely separate water and electricity, water quality clean, water temperature durable constant, fundamentally eliminate leakage, air leakage, dry burning and other security risks.

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