Water-loop heat pump for heat transfer by sea water heat

November 2, 2021

Latest company news about Water-loop heat pump for heat transfer by sea water heat

The utility model relates to a water ring heat pump device which utilizes the heat of sea water for heat exchange. The device comprises a sea water plate heat exchanger, at least one water-water heat pump unit, a heat exchange medium storage device, at least one electromagnetic valve and a pipeline for transporting the heat exchange medium, when the SOLENOID valve is one, it is on one side of the seawater plate heat exchanger, and when the solenoid valve is two or more, it is on two sides of the seawater plate heat exchanger respectively. The invention transfers the low-grade energy of sea water to indoor air or hot water through the two heat exchange processes of the water-ring heat pump device, so as to provide indoor heating, cooling and domestic hot water. The heat exchange between the heat exchange medium and seawater is carried out by a seawater plate heat exchanger, which avoids seawater entering the water-water heat pump unit and corroding the heat pump unit, in this way, it is not necessary to use the corrosion-resistant material of evaporator and condenser, which reduces the initial investment of equipment and is convenient for practical application.

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