What are the advantages of carbon dioxide heat pump evaporators?

March 17, 2022

Latest company news about What are the advantages of carbon dioxide heat pump evaporators?

The company has developed a carbon dioxide heat pump evaporator, which includes a fixed base, a side evaporator that is arranged on the left and right sides of the fixed base and forms a defrost water circulation channel, and is set at the bottom of the side evaporator and used to support the evaporation of the side evaporator. The defrost drainage system includes a plurality of defrost electric heating pipes inserted in the side evaporator, a water receiving tank communicated with the defrosting water circulation channel, and a water tank electric heating for heating the water receiving tank. mechanism, a drain pipe connected with the water receiving tank and provided with a pipeline electric heating heating cable, the evaporator tray, the water receiving tank and the drain pipe are arranged in sequence from top to bottom; the carbon dioxide heat pump evaporator of the utility model is suitable for low temperature areas, especially suitable for severe cold It has the characteristics of short defrosting time and smooth drainage.

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