What are the advantages of the new air heat pump?

December 2, 2021

Latest company news about What are the advantages of the new air heat pump?

A new type of air heat pump: a heat pump in which the air is a circulating working fluid, including the Piston Air compressor, heat exchanger and before and after the air compression pipeline and installed above the temperature gauge, pressure gauge, Safety Valve, one-way Valve, expansion pressure relief tank and before and after the flow control valve and control cabinet. When the Piston compressor with 3Mpa-4Mpa air pressure, through the air compression pipe into the heat exchanger tube. The outlet pressure of the pipe side is kept at 1 mpa-3 MPA, the compression heat temperature is kept at 180 °C-200 °C, and the air temperature of the pipe side outlet is kept at 20 °c-60 °C by one-way Valve and flow control valve, the outlet passes through a flow control valve into the Air compressor inlet, completing a non phase change pressure relief cycle. The shell side of the heat exchanger is heated air or water or any material liquid. The heating Coefficient COP of air heat pump is equal to 3 and above. The new type of air heat pump than carbon dioxide heat pump pressure heat release temperature high, low manufacturing costs, wide range of application.

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