What are the advantages of using a dual source heat pump?

May 10, 2022

Latest company news about What are the advantages of using a dual source heat pump?

The company has developed a dual-source heat pump device, including a heat insulation water tank, which is provided with hot water outlet and cold water inlet. The heat insulation water tank is connected to the condenser by a circulating water pump. The condenser is connected to the evaporator through a reservoir, filter and expansion valve in turn. The evaporator is also connected with a temperature regulator, and a gas-liquid separator is also provided between the temperature regulator and the evaporator. An electric energy input device is provided at the temperature regulator. The electric energy input device is also connected with an air compressor. The air compressor is provided with a compressor host, in which a heat exchanger is provided, and the compressor host is connected with an evaporator and a condenser respectively. The temperature regulator is connected to the condenser. The double-source heat pump technology is used in the utility model, which can cope with various environmental factors during production and improve oil production efficiency.

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