What constitutes an air heat pump that does not consume electricity?

December 9, 2021

Latest company news about What constitutes an air heat pump that does not consume electricity?

The utility model relates to an air heat pump which does not consume electric energy, belonging to the technical field of Air Heat pump development and utilization. It comprises a heat engine consisting of a heater of working fluid A, B heater of working fluid B, a studio of working fluid A, B studio of working fluid B, double-acting a piston, double-acting B Piston and cooler, the air compressor comprises a jet, a volume change a chamber and a volume change B Chamber, and also comprises a condenser, a liquid storage tank, a throttling pressure regulating valve and a hot water storage tank. The structure features are: Working medium a heater, working medium B heater and condenser are all placed in the heat storage water tank, the condenser inlet pipe is connected with the air duct through the air duct and the air compressor outlet pipe, the jet intake pipe is connected with the atmosphere. Compared with the prior art, the utility model can greatly reduce the operation cost, and at the same time, the utility model can provide an air-conditioning refrigerating working medium for heating and cooling residents’homes while collecting air heat energy, the utility model provides an energy-saving mechanical device by utilizing the heat energy of an industrial user.

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