What is sludge deep drying method based on Air Heat pump?

December 1, 2021

Latest company news about What is sludge deep drying method based on Air Heat pump?

Method and system of sludge deep drying based on Air Heat pump. The residual sludge to be treated is added into the sludge powder drying device, and the sludge with 30% ~ 55% moisture content is pulverized and broken into sludge powder particles of 30 ~ 250 μm in diameter, and then mixed with the sludge powder under the stirring condition with dry air, the sludge powder particles are dried to obtain the sludge powder, and the dry air is changed into low temperature moist air with the sludge powder. The low temperature moist air entrapped with the sludge dry powder is separated by the gas powder separation device, and the separated solid material is the sludge dry powder material. The moisture content of sludge dry powder is 15% ~ 25% . The separated low-temperature moist air enters the condensing dehumidifier to remove water and becomes low-temperature air. The low-temperature air is sent to the air heat pump to be heated and re-used. The heat absorbed by the cooling air is returned to the air heat pump for heat exchange to low-temperature air. The invention has the advantages of deep drying of sludge, direct utilization of ambient air as heat source, energy saving and high efficiency.

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