What is the advantages of air source heat pump?

July 27, 2021

Latest company news about What is the advantages of air source heat pump?

    Based on the inverse Carnot cycle principle, an air source heat pump technology is established,and realize energy saving and environmental protection.The wind energy heat pump system is a low temperature heat source obtained by natural energy (air heat storage), which is integrated into a high temperature heat source by the efficient heat collection system. It is used to take (supply) warm or supply hot water. The heat collection efficiency of the whole system is very high.

    It has four advantages, one is energy saving, two is conducive to comprehensive utilization of energy, three is conducive to the environment, three is the combination of cold and heat, high utilization rate of equipment, save investment;Four is because it is electric drive, so it is more convenient, so heat pump by everyone's attention.In the 21st century, the heat pump technology as a kind of energy technology, can be in the form of a heat pump, the use of energy efficiency, the use of energy efficiency has two meanings, from environmental point of view, can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the harm to the environment, on the other hand, is a kind of technology of high voltage power load can be solved.

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