What is the purpose of air source heat pump

July 30, 2021

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    Nowadays, with the development of science and technology, the air energy heat pump technology is more and more mature.Air heat pump is now used in more and more places, the use is also very wide, so, what are the uses of air heat pump?Might as well with small make up to have a look.    


    Some areas in the north have experienced the measure of changing coal to electricity. Over the years, people are choosing some new heating methods, and there are also some related heating renovation projects.In Many areas such as Beijing and Tianjin, burning coal, heating will bring a certain impact on the air, so the country has constantly shut down the supply of coal, in this market environment, air energy heat pump this clean type of heating equipment has successfully become the first choice of many families.This kind of equipment can keep a constant temperature in the room for a long time, without causing coal cinder and coal ash. Therefore, after the application of this kind of equipment, the room will be very clean, more warm, and the experience is very good.    

    The hot water

    Home water heater products have been updated many times, respectively gas water heater, electric water heater, and solar water heater.Now the air heat pump water heater has become the choice of more people, it is similar to the electric water heater, the need to carry electricity, but the principle of heating is not the same.Because the air can heat pump water heater power consumption is very less, thermal efficiency achieved twice to four times, that is to say, only need to use 1 kw of power, can bring 2 kw to 4000 watts, so will significantly improve the thermal efficiency, because the technology of heat are obtained from the air, and it has become a driving force of the water heater.    


    The drying function of air energy heat pump is very powerful, so it can be widely to dry food, but also to dry Chinese medicinal materials, some foods in the daily diet need a set of detailed drying process to be able to manufacture.Such as known as sausages, tofu skin, as well as the day lily, etc., all these food have close relations, and personal life and air drying quality will directly affect the taste of food, if use the technology of air drying effect is very good, can be dried directly put food on the shelf, the air can heat pump unit,This creates a lot of hot air to dry the water in the food.

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