What is the remote management system of ground source heat pump?

November 4, 2021

Latest company news about What is the remote management system of ground source heat pump?

A remote management system of ground source heat pump. The Control Unit comprises a Terminal Control Unit and a remote acquisition module connected to a ground source heat pump unit. The Control Unit and the remote acquisition module communicate with each other through wireless communication technology, the remote acquisition module comprises an Organic Unit Controller Plc, the PLC of the unit controller is respectively connected with a touch screen which can display the operation of the unit, a temperature sensor for testing the operation temperature and the environment temperature, and a wireless communication module for exchanging information with the control unit, the remote acquisition module is also provided with a power supply module which provides power for the PLC and the temperature sensor. The utility model can be hosted by a customer in a remote management center to realize the monitoring, routine management, fault location and processing of the operation state of the source heat pump units in various places, through the customer control unit can also achieve customers in a certain authority on the ground-source heat pump unit of the conventional management.

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