What makes air source heat pump consume electricity

August 2, 2021

Latest company news about What makes air source heat pump consume electricity

    Air source heat pump is a more popular heating equipment in the society at present, which is mainly due to the air source heat pump is more energy-saving, because it does not rely on electricity when running, but the use of a small amount of electricity, by absorbing the heat in the air, through a series of heat pump drive to provide users with heating and cooling services.

    Air source heat pump in heating, the use of 1 electrical energy can produce 4 times the heat energy, has a high energy efficiency ratio, air source heat pump in heating will also be affected by various climate, terminal matching type, house insulation conditions and other factors.Different environmental temperatures have different requirements for the water temperature. The higher the water temperature is, the greater the power consumption will be. The matching of air energy and floor heating at the end is more energy-saving.

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