Which is better, gas water heater or air water heater?

July 28, 2021

Latest company news about Which is better, gas water heater or air water heater?

    Gas water heater occupied water heater more than half of the market, and in recent years the development of very good air water heater contrast which better?Comparisons can be made from the following points:

    safety performance

    Air water heater uses coil for heat exchange, water and electricity separation of water storage tank to eliminate the leakage of hidden dangers.Air water heater can absorb the heat in the air, no emissions during operation, do not produce carbon monoxide and other toxic gases.It's clean energy.The use of gas water heaters has been controversial, and carbon monoxide poisoning often causes casualties in accidents every year.Mainly because gas water heater cannot be fully burned, the exhaust gas that produces can be discharged in the combustion process, in the exhaust gas besides carbon dioxide, still have the product carbon monoxide of incomplete combustion, when the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air reaches certain concentration, can bring about vision and hearing impairment, serious even can appear toxic death.

    energy conservation and environment protection

    Air can water heater is the heat that absorbs air to heat cold water, electricity consumption is the electricity that needs when using at compressor only, electricity consumption is relatively small, annual average air can water heater energy efficiency ratio achieves 3.6 or so.According to statistics, the annual operating cost of an air-powered water heater is only one third of that of a gas-fired water heater.

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