Why is there no hot water coming out of the air source heat pump

July 28, 2021

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    Air source water heater domestic machine

    The hot water storage tank of the air water heater is a pressurized water tank. The cold water inlet is installed to prevent the hot water from flowing and the pressure relief valve is used when the pressure pressure is too large. The pressure relief pressure value is between 0.6-1.0Pa.The water outlet is normally not installed any accessories.When the cold water flows into the tank under pressure, it will come out of the hot water outlet.A tank is the equivalent of an expanded section of a water pipe.If there is no hot water out of the hot water outlet, there are generally the following reasons.

    1. No pressure or insufficient pressure of cold water.This prevents cold water from getting stuck in the tank as it enters the relief valve.That's one of the reasons you don't get hot water.

    2. The safety valve is blocked with debris or the spring inside is rusty and stuck, causing cold water into the tank, which is also one of the reasons that there is no hot water out of the hot mouth.

    3. The cold water enters the air as it flows into the tank.The gas is blocked, when the pressure at both ends of the gas column is the same, causing hot water to be unable to come out.

    Air energy water heater commercial machine air energy water heater commercial machine water tank is non-pressure insulation water tank, there is no pressure in the water tank.The hot water must be pressurized by the booster pump before it can be properly fed into the tap or shower.Of course, hot water must always be higher than the hot water outlet, and if the water point difference is large, the water point is not too much, you can not install the booster pump.

    1. Cold water supplement problems, resulting in water shortage in the hot water tank, the hot water is lower than the hot water outlet, then the hot water use point must be no hot water out.

    2. The hot water booster pump is damaged. At this time, the water pressure is small and the outlet pressure is too small to be used.

    3. For other reasons, the cold water or hot water switch is off and does not turn on.There is no hot water because of the power failure.

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