Why we choose air source heat pump ?

July 27, 2021

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    Home water heater, from the beginning of the 20th century to now, has gone through the course of more than a century.From gas water heaters to superfast electric water heaters, to storage water heaters, to today's natural gas hot water heaters and air water heaters.And natural gas water heater does not have natural gas pipeline because of a lot of residential areas, charge the influence of too high factor, popular surface is not very high also.And water storage type electric water heater for convenient installation and low cost, with a lot of stable customers, until now, the air can water heater, it gradually be preempted market, we can be seen from the large home appliance stores and online shopping mall, because of the impact of air to water heaters, electric water heater is declining in price, there is a glut of trend.

    Working principle: The air energy water heater is composed of an outdoor unit and an insulated water tank. The outdoor unit is generally composed of compressor, expansion valve, evaporator, condenser and other main components.In simple terms, the air energy water heater works on the principle that the low temperature refrigerant in the compressor system continuously absorbs the heat from the air and transfers it to the water.

    Advantages: energy saving, convenient, safe and environmental protection

Energy saving: the power consumption of a day of the electric water heater of a considerable capacity is calculated so (2500W ×24= 60000W), be equivalent to 48 degrees of electricity, and the power consumption that air can water heater only guarantees because of electricity display panel and intelligent control line also quite a computer of a platform type, calculate by 24 hours also with respect to 2~3 degrees of electricity.As can be seen from the two data, the energy consumption of air water heater is much less than that of electric water heater, which can be regarded as an example of energy saving.

Convenient: the body of household air energy water heater is basically vertical installation, directly installed in the balcony or conditional bay window position.No ladder, easy to install.And now the continuous emergence of the all-in-one machine, and no external machine, more in line with the public home environment.

Safety: Because there is no strong electric effect of work, there is no fear of using kitchen electricity, which is much safer than electric hot water and traditional gas water heaters.

Environmental protection: In fact, saving electricity is also a big environmental project.For gas water heater without emission is absolute environmental protection, and for electric water heater life to be long, long use not waste, is also a big environmental protection.

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