Will the countryside is expected to become a "new continent" for air energy manufacturers?

July 27, 2021

Latest company news about Will the countryside is expected to become a "new continent" for air energy manufacturers?

    The heating problem in rural areas has been a more concerned issue in recent years. In the past, rural heating in winter is mainly based on burning coal. Now, the heating facilities are increasing, and the range of choice is also wider.With the improvement of the economic level of rural, rural people bathing habits will quickly in the urban population, increasing demand for heating, air can heat pump township primary market will be will be magnified, which makes the rural is expected to become the "new world" of the operation of the air can manufacturer also numerous manufacturers can usher in a new "blue ocean".

    Air energy heating heat pump heat pump is the use of compressor operation to work, by absorbing the heat in the air and then transferring the heat to the water. Air - powered heat pumps are more convenient than traditional coal - fired heating. Because coal burning is time-consuming and laborious, and the air can be set at the temperature of a key, the machine will automatically start and stop convenient and labor-saving. As the fourth generation water heater, air energy water heater has the inherent advantages of more energy saving, environmental protection, comfort and safety than traditional water heaters, which perfectly fits the pace of urbanization in the current rural market and the consumer demand of rural people. With the change of living conditions and people's life concepts, the market pattern of air energy water heaters is changing quietly.

    The company's air heating heat pump, environmental protection, no coal, gas, electric drive, winter heating with outdoor air as heat source, summer can also be cooling, the same outdoor air as cold source.Safety: This is also a more significant feature of air heat pump, because air heat pump does not use natural gas, so do not worry about leakage.In addition, the heating of air energy heat pump will not use electric heating rod, so there is no need to worry about water and electricity contact, natural leakage will not occur.

    Because the ventilation of coal heating room is not good, the phenomenon of gas poisoning is common;And natural gas heating, also often occur explosion accidents.But air energy is internally separated from water and electricity, so there is no risk of electric shock, and it is safer than coal or gas heating.In terms of comfort, the air temperature can be set at 2-3 degrees for 24 hours without interruption, so the human body will feel more comfortable and healthy in the process of heating.

    The power consumption of the air energy heat pump itself is not large, more than the traditional electric heating energy saving 75%, and most rural areas for the use of air energy heat pump can enjoy the national subsidy policy, can reduce the cost pressure of the use of air energy heat pump users.In general, it is economical for rural areas.

    Current, although the price of air can water heater is high, but the characteristic of its safety, energy saving just is the focus of attention of rural consumer.The countryside is about to become a new continent for air manufacturers to operate.

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