Radiator Monoblock EVI Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump 55dB
100-10000 $/pc
Radiator Monoblock EVI Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump 55dB
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: ISO,CE, CCC
Model Number: DKFXRS
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10.5KW Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump


55dB evi Air Source Heat Pump


Monoblock EVI Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: export package Woonden case or plastic film
Delivery Time: 1-30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50,000pcs/year
Compressor Brand: Copeland
ASHP Heating Capacity: EVI 10.5KW 20kw 38.5kw Heat Pump
Mbient Temp Of Using: Minus 25C-43C
Max Water Temperature: 55-60C
Compressor: Mitsubishi* Compressor For EVI Air Source Heat Pump
Function: Radiator, Fan Coil Unit, Floor Heating Cooling & Domestic Or Commercial Hot Water
SUITABLE HEATING SPACE: TYPE OF HEAT PUMP USING AREA MODEL NAMEMonobloc Heat Pump 10.5KW (60-100m2) B3SD Monobloc Heat Pump 20KW (150-200m2) B5SD Monobloc Heat Pump 38.5KW (250-300m2) G10D
HEAT PUMP TYPE: Monoblock EVI Heat Pump Air To Water Heat Pump 10.5KW-20KW-38.5KW-Heating And DHW
Heat Source: Air Source Heat Pumps
Service: OEM
Product Description

EVI stands for “Enhanced Vapor Injection” and is a technology used on our cold climate heat pumps to achieve higher performance at lower temperatures. An EVI heat pump uses a 3rd smaller internal plate heat exchanger called an “Economizer” within the refrigeration cycle. By utilizing a bypass valve some of the hot refrigerant vapor on the condenser is bypassed to a HX which combines with the colder gas on the Evaporator expansion side. The heat energy is transferred raising the gas temperature even further which is then injected at mid-range pressure into the head of the scroll compressor through a separate vapor injection port. Using EVI heat pump technology, we are able to overcome the limitation of maximum flow temperature that other cold climate heat exchangers encounter. EVI Heat Pump technology allows more heat to be delivered resulting in a better COP at much lower temperatures. The EVI technology increase performance efficiency by 27-30%

Radiator Monoblock EVI Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pump 55dB 0

EVI air source heat pumps Features
• Powerful heating at low temperature Adopting the technology of supplemental air and increasing enthalpy, it can run efficiently even at -25℃.

• High efficiency and energy saving

Adopting SCL heat exchange technology, no electric auxiliary heat, high energy efficiency ratio.

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The refrigerant from the condenser is undercooled and then throttled, and then entered the evaporator to melt the frost layer on the evaporator. Compared with the commonly used reverse cycle defrosting, there are essential differences.

(1) Defrosting in the normal heating at the same time, does not affect heating and indoor load.

(2)It can better adapt to the defrosting requirements of fin heat exchanger in different environments and different parts, and do point-to-point accurate defrosting.

(3) Defrosting does not require any other energy, continuous constant heating efficiency.

(4) Set in the light frost, the frost will be removed, so that the unit in the frost-free state of operation.

Automatic scale removal and unique nitrogen bead antifreeze technology can effectively extend the high efficiency of heat exchanger service time and heat transfer efficiency.

Single chip microcomputer is a single chip microcontroller, chip integrated computer system, equivalent to a micro computer. single chip microcomputer control system logic control careful, small volume, light weight, strong stability, can deal with various operating conditions and protection measures.

Adopt EVI air injection technology, double stage compression, improve heating efficiency, even under -25° C environment can be efficient operation.

Adopts gold aluminum fin evaporator technology, precious metal nano double layer coating, defrosting more quickly. Effectively improve the evaporation efficiency of air and rain water, dust is not easy to accumulate, to ensure that -25℃ can also have a strong heat transfer.

Triple sound insulation and heat insulation

· The machine adopts triple sound insulation cotton, together with special shock absorbing pad, equipment foundation platform and customized fan, which can reduce the noise caused by operation vibration to below 55 dB.

· At the same time, it can effectively avoid the contact between the host and the outside low-temperature air, and protect the stable operation of the unit in the low-temperature environment.

Under the low temperature environment in the north, the defrosting water is easy to congeal in the chassis within a short time, and long-term ice failure is easy to damage the operation of the main engine. Bolang adopts the chassis melting ice adding technology to completely remove the accumulation of frost, snow and ice in the important parts of the equipment to truly realize 360° frost-free operation.

Control parts quality, reducing installation problems: the enamel energy storage tank together with the safety valve, grundfos pumps, expansion tanks, automatic exhaust valve, temperature, pressure table, water pump, nozzle, copper tee joint, controller, electric heating rods and other 11 kinds of traditional installation need separate purchase and installation of accessories, just before they go out through scientific and rational way of connection integration into more than one include small accessories accessories.

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