415V Compressor EVI Air Source Heat Pump R143a Waterproof IPX4
415V Compressor EVI Air Source Heat Pump R143a Waterproof IPX4
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: DKFXRS-38II/CY
High Light:

R143a EVI Air Source Heat Pump


415V EVI Air Source Heat Pump


EVI compressor Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Specificaition: DKFXRS-19II/CY/ Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater
Power: 220V~240V/50Hz/1ph 380V~415V/50Hz/3ph
Condenser: High Efficiency Shell And Tube Heat Exchanger
Function: Cooling,Heating,hot Water,heating/hot Water,DHW
Refrigerant: R410A,R407C/R410A,R22/R407C,R143a,R407c
Compressor Type: Copeland EVI Compressor
Product Description

Features of EVI air to water (air source)heat pumps 38.9kw Low ambient air-to-water heat pumps

Leomon heat pumps enjoy longer lifespan 38.9kw Low ambient air-to-water heat pumps

EVI Air energy heat pump compared with other heating methods
Central heating of coal-fired boilers
Central heating in small boiler district
Wall-mounted gas household heating
Electric heating for household heating
①Traditional heating mode
The advantages and disadvantages of using traditional heating and cooling air conditioners for heating
Advantages: less CO2 emissions, environmental protection and energy saving; can autonomously control the operating time and operating costs; it can be used for heating and cooling.
Disadvantages: low heating and heating energy efficiency ratio. Air conditioners focus on cooling and are limited by heating principles. The lower the outdoor temperature, the worse the heating effect of the air conditioner. When the ambient temperature is lower than 0°C, the effect is not ideal. The comfort is poor, and the air is heated directly to dry; the temperature of the water heated by water is low, and the room cannot be heated quickly, and the traditional radiator cannot be used.
②Is it possible to develop a heat pump that meets the following requirements?
It can heat normally under the temperature of -15℃, and the heating energy efficiency ratio is greater than 2.0; at the temperature of -15℃, its heating capacity attenuation is less than 35%; the maximum outlet temperature can reach 65℃ to adapt to the radiator Heating demand; it can be used for heating or cooling.
The answer is: ultra-low temperature heat pump!
2. Introduction to performance characteristics and principles
①The performance characteristics of ultra-low temperature heat pump-ultra-wide operating range
●The outlet water temperature is high. The outlet water temperature can reach 65℃, which is suitable for traditional radiator heating;
●Suitable for working under low ambient temperature. Its lowest working temperature can be as low as -25℃,
The COP can reach 2.52 at -15°C (the outlet temperature is 45°C);
●It can heat and cool, and its performance focuses on heating (COP=3.8, EER=3.0 under national standard working conditions)

EVI air source heat pumps are designed for domestic/commercial hot water and house heating in cold areas where lowest air temperature is above -30℃.

An installation structure for the outlet pipe and the inlet pipe of an air pressure water tank, which is characterized by including pipe fittings, sealing rings, pressure plates and pipe fitting nuts; one end of the pipe fitting is provided with a radially outwardly extending edge, and the edge is attached to the inner bladder of the pressure water tank Around the hole, the other end of the pipe fitting passes through the pressurized water tank liner, the insulation layer and the pressurized water tank shell in turn. The other end of the pipe fitting can communicate with the outside world. The pipe body of the pipe fitting is in the pressurized water tank liner and the pressurized water tank shell. The sealing ring is sleeved between the edge of the pipe and the hole of the pressure tank liner; the pressure plate is sleeved on the pipe body, and one end of the pressure plate abuts against the wall of the pressure tank liner; the pipe nut is sleeved on the pipe body And threaded fit, the pipe nut is pressed on the other end of the pressure plate. The advantage is that the water outlet pipe and the water inlet pipe can be fixedly connected to the air pressure water tank without welding, and the problem of corrosion of the welding position will not occur, and it can reach the standard of the air pressure water tank.


Company introduction:

Leomon technology rnjoy rich experience in supplying air source heat pumps, supply its own brand and OEM for customers worldwide.

Products series: air source heat pumps for household, water heater, swimming pool heat pumps, heating system

Keep working at technical and commercial ability, company is athorized over 300 patents, norminated factory for supplying heat pumps.

Quality Control:

100% products inspection before delivery, 3 phrases test to guarantee right quality and quantity before delivery

Whole lifespan after sale service


Low temperature hot water unit parameters
Spec. DKFXRS-11I/R
Nominal heating capacity at room temperature(kW) 113
Nominal heating at room temperature(kW) 2.56
nominal heating
Low temperature nominal heating(kW) 2.1
Maximum input power(kW) 4.2
Maximum current(A) 23
Power Specifications(Hz) 220V ~ 50
Refrigerant/charge amount R22/5600g
noisedb(A) <62
Water resistancekPa <55
Anti-shock level I
waterproof level IPX4
Caliber of inlet
and outlet
Unit size (mm) 1030x410x1390
Unit Weight(kg) 142


415V Compressor EVI Air Source Heat Pump R143a Waterproof IPX4 0




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