SS Housing Dc Inverter Heat Pump 24A HVAC Heating System 50HZ
SS Housing Dc Inverter Heat Pump 24A HVAC Heating System 50HZ
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: KCHR-15II/BP (Out of the wind)
High Light:

380V 24A HVAC Heating System


Monoblock IPV4 Dc Inverter Heat Pump


Monoblock 50HZ Dc Inverter Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Voltage: 380V 3N~50Hz
Refrigerant: R410a,R134a,R22/R407C
Working Ambient Temperature: -25C To 43C
Voltage: 380V/3phase/50HZ,220V-50Hz
Type: Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump,Air To Water Heat Pump
Usage: Domestic Hot Water, Commercial Hot Water Solution, Heating And Cooling
Product Description

We can work with you to find total solutions to your energy requirements, perfect solution for your heating/cooling/hot water requirements

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) absorb heat from the outside air to heat your home and hot water. They can still extract heat when air temperatures are as low as -15°C. ... If you have large garden space outside, you could consider a ground source heat pump.

Pros And Cons Of Air Source Heat Pumps Air To Water HVAC Heating System

The air source heat pump water heater is mainly composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, an axial fan, a heat preservation water tank, a water pump, a liquid storage tank, a filter, an electronic expansion valve and an electronic automatic controller. After the power is turned on, the axial flow fan starts to run, and the outdoor air passes through the evaporator for heat exchange. The air after the temperature is lowered is discharged from the system by the fan. At the same time, the working fluid inside the evaporator absorbs heat and vaporizes and is sucked into the compressor. A low-pressure working fluid gas is compressed into a high-temperature, high-pressure gas and sent to the condenser. The water forced to circulate by the water pump also passes through the condenser. It is heated by the working medium and sent to the user for use. The working medium is cooled into a liquid, and the liquid is expanded After the valve is throttled and cooled, it flows into the evaporator again, and it works repeatedly in this way. The heat energy in the air is continuously "pumped" to the water, so that the temperature of the water in the heat preservation tank gradually rises, and finally reaches about 55°C, which is just suitable for people to take a bath.
. Air source heat pump is one of the most advanced energy utilization products in the world today. With the rapid economic development and the improvement of people's quality of life, domestic hot water has become a necessity for people's daily life. However, traditional water heaters (electric water heaters, fuel oil and gas water heaters) have disadvantages such as high energy consumption, high costs, and serious pollution; The operation of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly solar water heaters is restricted by meteorological conditions. The heating principle of the air source heat pump is completely different from the traditional solar water heater. The air source heat pump uses air, water, solar energy, etc. as the low temperature heat source, and the air source heat pump uses electric energy as the power to draw heat from the low temperature side to heat the domestic water, and the hot water is circulated. The system is directly sent to the user as a hot water supply or a fan coil unit is used for heating in a small area. Air source heat pump is the best solution for large, medium and small hot water centralized supply systems in school dormitories, hotels, bathing centers and other places.

Company introduction
20 years of professional heat pump system technology excellence
We give full play to the advantages of scientific and technical personnel, and constantly overcome the technical bottlenecks in the field of air energy water heater. We have obtained 120 invention patents, more than 350 other patents, and participated in the preparation of 25 national standards.

Products series: swimming pool/spa air source heat pumps
All in one triple multifunctional heat pumps: heating(Central heating ,floor heating, radient heating)+cooling+ hot water or seperate function
Heat pumps water heater
as leader for air source heat pumps, decades experience,authorized over100 patents, leader for swimming pool air source heat pumps and other pumps, member for editing heat pumps field standards, strong and professional technical team

Our strong and professional technical and marketing team ready to make best service!


  • Technical paremeters for Pros And Cons Of Air Source Heat Pumps Air To Water HVAC Heating System

  • Constant temperature swimming pool heat pump
    Spec. KRY-8II KRY-12II KRY-24II KRY-48II KRY-96II KRY-145II KRY-220II
    Rated heating capacity(A24/26oC) 8kw 12kw 24kw 48kw 96kw 145kw 220kw
    Rated power(kW) 1.56 2.35 4.7 9.3 18.5 23.6 42.5
    COP 5.1 5.1 5.1 5.16 5.41 6.14 5.17
    Rated heating capacityA20/26oC 7.5kw 11kw 21kw 44 kw 90kw 138kw 208kw
    Rated power(kW) 1..5 2.3 4.5 8.6 17.5 24.1 41.5
    COP 5 4.78 4.66 5.11 5.14 5.73 5
    Cooling Capacity(kW) 3.8 5.7 11.3 23.7 40 58.1 98
    Consumed Power(kW) 1.67 2.5 4.9 9.1 18.2 24.2 39
    EER 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.6 2.2 2.4 2.5
    Rated voltage(Hz) 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ
    Maximum input power(kW) 2 3 6 12 24 36.5 61
    Maximum current(A) 8 12 24 42 80 90 130
    Water flownWh 2.3 3.5 7 13 32 41 62
    noise dB(A) <50 <50 <65 <68 <69 <71 <73
    Anti-shock level I I I I I I I
    waterproof level IPV4 IPV4 IPV4 IPV4 IPV4 IPV4 IPV4
    Unit size (mm) 910x350x835 1030x410x865 780x820x1700 1550x780x1700 1550x1550x1700 2360x1550x1840 2206x2020x2170
    Unit Weight(kg) 65 95 260 380 760 2100 4005
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