Air Conditioning DC Inverter Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump Commercial 49dB
Air Conditioning DC Inverter Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump Commercial 49dB
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: KFXRS-11I/CY
High Light:

3ph Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump


KFXRS-11I/CY Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump


49dB Monobloc Air Source Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Power Supply: 380V~420V/50Hz/3ph
Max. COP: 8.0
Running Temp: -25℃~45℃
Ndoor Machine Noise: 36-49dB
Multi-functions: Hot Water/House Heating/House Cooling
Product Description

Hair Salon Air Conditioning Commercial DC Inverter Source Monobloc Heat Pump Water Heater

Suitable for: hair salon, barbershop, home

Product introduction: for hair salons launched, air conditioning heat pump water heater in different seasons

Open different working modes, respectively for refrigeration mode, refrigeration + hot water mode, hot water mode, heating mode, heating + hot water mode, air conditioning heat pump water heater is the combination of central hot water and air conditioning, by the outdoor unit, heat preservation tank, air conditioning cabinet, hot water circulation pump, water supply pump and other main accessories. To air as cold (hot) source, through the low temperature cold media indoor air heat absorption and took it back to the compressor, the compressor consumes a small amount of compression work, electrical energy to compress the low temperature cold media into high temperature refrigerant, refrigerant of high temperature heat heating water, implementation - side cooling and heating kettles, comprehensive COP value can reach 7.0 to 8.0, provide hot water all the year round.

Leomon air source heat pump Company introduction

20 years of professional heat pump system technology excellence

We give full play to the advantages of scientific and technical personnel, and constantly overcome the technical bottlenecks in the field of air energy water heater. We have obtained 120 invention patents, more than 350 other patents, and participated in the preparation of 25 national standards.

Gold - aluminum condensation process rapid frost

Adopts American gold-aluminum finned evaporator technology and unique precious metal coating, which can effectively improve the evaporation efficiency of air and rain water according to the operation condition of air energy in special environment. -25℃ can also be highly effective for heating.


Patented sole SCL heat exchange technology high efficiency heating

Patented sole SCL technology has high heat transfer efficiency. Adopts precious metal coating to prevent scaling and withstand pressure up to 30KG. Specially used in air energy products, it is an alternative product for stainless steel plate and tube type heat exchanger.


Closed refrigerant system, safe and stable

Fluorine refrigerant system leakage points, easy to lead to frequent leakage of refrigerant, reduce equipment performance and service life. Bolang water machine system adhere to the international standard of closed refrigerant design, the unit in high or low temperature conditions also has excellent heat transfer efficiency.


The kinetic energy of subdivision, the water tank is free of washing for life

Leomon heatpumps air domestic water tank can be heated in three chambers, dynamic water circulation, to prevent muddy water, scale, the water tank life free washing, to ensure that the household hot water clean, healthy; At the same time, the subdivision heating technology can ensure that the hot water output reaches 100%, and the hot water output of 150L is equivalent to that of 200L of similar products.


Three point temperature control, real-time detection of water temperature

Leomon heatpumps air domestic water tank adopts three-point temperature control technology, which can detect the water temperature in real time to ensure that hot water is available immediately.


Integrated process of floor heating and air conditioning reduces installation faults

In the strategic deployment of "integration of host parts" for Leomon heatpumps floor heating air conditioners and ultra-low temperature heating machines, Leomon heatpumps hydraulic balancer and floor heating air conditioners integrator have been released to reduce the installation threshold and installation faults, save installation time, and improve the quality of the whole machine and the energy efficiency of the system.


Ship cabin positioning monitoring system, accurate detection of water temperature

Leomon heatpumps air commercial hot water unit adopts ultrasonic rangefinder to measure the distance between the water surface and the reference position. The weak current power supply is adopted. The ultrasonic rangefinder does not directly contact with the water in the hot water storage box, which makes it safer to use


Dual working conditions of broadband diversion technology, prolong the life of the unit

Leomon heatpumps commercial heat pump unit dual working conditions of broadband diversion combined with temperature compensation technology, in the state of temperature change, to ensure the compressor to achieve the best working state, prolong the service life, improve thermal efficiency.


Modular control system reduces energy loss

The host provides moderate energy requirements according to the end, reducing unnecessary energy loss.


The main machine does not contain electricity auxiliary heat, energy saving

The host machine of all series products of Leomon heatpumps does not contain electricity and auxiliary heat, which saves unnecessary operation cost.


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