Air Cooled Water Chiller Residential Air Source Heat Pump DHW 19KW
Air Cooled Water Chiller Residential Air Source Heat Pump DHW 19KW
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC ROHS
Model Number: KFXRS-19I
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410V Residential Air Source Heat Pump


Residential Air Source Heat Pump 19KW


IPX4 Air Source Heat Pump DHW

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Compressor: Copeland
Performance (C.O.P.): 5.0
Max Pool Volume (m3 / Gal): 600 / 158400
Water Side Heat Exchanger: Shell & Tube
Operating Voltage: 220-380-410V
Cooling Method:: Air Cooled Water Chiller
Product Description

Description of 19 Kw Air Source Heat Pump For Home Central Heating Cold And Hot Water(DHW)

This air circulation pump water heater includes a compressor, a heat exchanger and a heat storage tank. The compressor is provided with an air inlet and an air outlet. The air outlet is connected to the heat exchanger through an exhaust pipe. There is a circulating pump in the room. Compared with the prior art, the beneficial technical effect of the present invention lies in that the low-temperature water in the heat storage tank is sent to the heat exchanger by arranging a circulating pump between the heat storage tank and the heat storage tank. Due to the existence of the circulating pump, the low-temperature water can enter the heat exchanger faster to complete the heat exchange, so the water pressure during the hot water supply is guaranteed, and the use of high-level users is guaranteed.

Water leakage alarm automatically replenish water

Leomon air source heat pumps anti-leakage alarm automatic water filling device is a national patent product, which is applied to the water system of floor heating air conditioner. It can not only solve the automatic water filling of the water system but also judge the system water leakage to reach the alarm function. Users can use APP to supplement water in real time to avoid the trouble of manual hydration.

1. Apartment
2. House
3. Villa
4. Factory
5. Hotel
6. School
7. Hospital
8. Commercial building


Radient underloor/centre air conditioner, heating, cooling, hot water
1. Adopted with world-famous brand(Copeland) compressor and other components.
Durable, reliable, quiet, and efficient.
3. Intelligent remote wifi control offers comfortable heating or cooling.

4. Three temperature control


Real-time detection of water temperature

Leomon air source heat pumps air energy tank adopts three-point temperature control technology, which can monitor the water temperature in real time to ensure that the hot water is ready to use.

Modular control system to reduce energy loss

Provide moderate energy demand according to the end to reduce energy loss

Dual working conditions wide-frequency diversion technology to extend the life of the unit

Combining temperature compensation technology to ensure that the compressor reaches the best working condition under temperature changes, prolong the service life and improve work efficiency

Integration of main engine accessories

Improve installation efficiency and energy efficiency

In the strategic deployment of "integration of main engine accessories" for Leomon air source heat pumps floor heating air conditioners and ultra-low temperature heating machines, hydraulic balancer and floor heating air conditioners integrator have been released to reduce the installation threshold and installation faults, save installation time, and improve the quality of the whole machine and the energy efficiency of the system.

The heat pump water heater includes a compressor with a suction end and an exhaust end, a first heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger connected to the first heat exchanger, and a four-way valve. The exhaust end of the compressor is connected to the four-way valve. One inlet port of the valve is connected, and the other three ports of the four-way valve are respectively connected with the first heat exchanger, the second heat exchanger and the suction end of the compressor, characterized in that: the compressor exhaust A third heat exchanger is connected between the air end and the intake port of the four-way valve. The third heat exchanger is externally connected with a hot water storage tank for heat exchange, and the hot water storage tank is provided with a cold water inlet and Hot water outlet; the discharge end of the compressor is connected to two pipelines through a three-way valve, one of which is connected to the input end of the third heat exchanger, and the other pipeline is connected to the third heat exchanger The output is switched on. The heat pump water heater of this embodiment can provide cold air or heating heat while ensuring domestic hot water, and can effectively avoid the occurrence of fouling.


The air source heat pump dual supply is a water system. After the outdoor unit compresses the refrigerant, the cold/hot water generated by the heat exchange with the water exchanges heat with the indoor air. The moisture in the air is not easy to lose, and the heat exchange temperature difference is small and the wind is softer. The human body feels less biting and more natural and comfortable. When cooling in summer, the end water exchanges heat with the air, and the blowing wind is relatively soft. Relatively speaking, the moisture content is more than that of the fluorine-based refrigerant heat exchange system. Therefore, if you cool for a long time, you will not feel dry and tongue indoors; In winter, dual-supply uses floor heating, and radiant floor heating is the most comfortable heating method. The indoor surface temperature is uniform, and the room temperature gradually decreases from bottom to top, giving people a good feeling of warming feet and cooling the roof.


Three, more stable

In the peak heating season in winter, some households may use air-conditioning or gas wall-hung boilers with terminal heating. When the temperature of ordinary air-conditioning compressors decreases in winter, the heating effect will be significantly reduced. If it exceeds the working range, it will stop working; Furnaces will also be affected by the supply of natural gas, and there may be insufficient supply pressure during peak usage periods.

Relatively speaking, the air source heat pump dual heating operation is more stable. It uses a dedicated heat pump compressor, which has a wider working range, so it can adapt to lower ambient temperatures, and the heating effect at low temperatures is also better. In particular, the design working environment temperature range of some low-temperature air source heat pumps can reach -25℃~43℃.


Four, more flexible

The air-source heat pump system supports multiple forms including floor heating, air pans and radiators, providing users with more comfortable heating effects and diverse options. The heating effect of traditional central air-conditioning is not ideal, which limits the choice of indoor ends. The outlet water temperature of the air source heat pump unit is relatively higher. When heating, it supports a variety of terminal methods to achieve indoor heating, such as floor heating, low-temperature radiators, and special heating fans.


Five, more energy-saving

The price of natural gas has been rising. Many households that use wall-hung boilers with heating terminals to achieve heating are limited by the cost of use and often reduce the opening time, which greatly reduces the winter heating experience. In the case of the same area and building envelope, the cost of air source heat pump dual heating is much lower than that of wall-hung boilers, which is relatively more energy-efficient.

The air source heat pump unit has high heat production efficiency. It uses a small amount of electricity to drive the compressor. The general thermal efficiency (energy efficiency ratio) can reach 2.5-3.0 during winter heating. Compared with the wall-hung boiler heating, electric heating, etc., the air source heat pump is more energy-saving Great. Dual air supply is also one of the most efficient and energy-saving ways of heating at present.


Six, smarter

Shinuo’s unique IoT intelligent control technology enables real-time understanding of the operating status of the indoor system through mobile terminals, remote operation and maintenance of the Internet of Things, early fault prediction and timely notification of after-sales, ensuring the intelligent operation of the unit, safety and stability.


Company introduction
Leomon supply
 most products in HVAC field, such as Rooftop Packaged Unit, Split Commercial Unit, Air Cooled Water Chiller, Water Cooled Water Chiller, Chilled Water Air Handling Unit and Fan Coil Unit etc.Decades production experience, its own labotory, over 380patents, norminated supplier for buildings, leader member for ediiting air source heat pumps standard, about 80000pcs air to water heat pumps production capacity a year!
Quality control:
100% inspection for each product, 3 phrases test before delivery, free spares supply, good prize if found any unqualified items
Production line:
3 production lines to guarantee production capacity and quick delivery, 2 shifts working
Technical paremeters of
19 Kw Air Source Heat Pump For Home Central Heating Cold And Hot Water(DHW)

The nominal working conditions at room temperature are: ambient dry bulb 20°C, ambient wet bulb 15°C, initial water temperature 15°C, and ending water temperature 55.

(2; The nominal low temperature conditions are: ambient dry bulb 72, ambient wet bulb 61, initial water temperature 15°C, and ending water temperature 55℃.

Item KFXRS-19I
Nominal heating capacity at room temperature(kW) 19
Nominal input power
at room temperature(kW)
Rated voltage(Hz) 220V-50
Low temperature
nominal heatingWkW)
Low temperature
nominal input power(kW)
Maximum input power(kW) 8
Maximum current(A) 32
noisedb(A) <66
Anti-shock level I
waterproof level IPX4
Caliber of inlet and outlet DN32
Unit size (mm) 1030x410x1390
Unit Weight kg) 126


Nominal heating capacity
at room temperature(kW)
Nominal input power
at room temperature(kW)
Rated voltage(Hz) 380V3N-50
Low temperature
nominal heatingWkW)
Low temperature
nominal input power(kW)
Maximum input power(kW) 40
Maximum current(A) 88
noisedb(A) <78
Anti-shock level I
waterproof level IPX4
Caliber of inlet and outlet DN50
Unit size (mm) 2206x1030x2170
Unit Weight kg) 750

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