300KW Central Air Source Heat Pump With Stainless Steel Housing
300KW Central Air Source Heat Pump With Stainless Steel Housing
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: DKFXRS-16I/R
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300KW central air source heat pump


R410A central air source heat pump


IPX4 central air source heat pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Working Medium: R410A
Heating Capacity:: 3.5-300Kw
Compressor: Copeland
Housing Material: Stainless Steel Or Spray Coating
Heat Exchanger: Tube In Shell Heat Exchanger
Heating: Circulating Instant Hot Water
Product Description

Monoblock Air Source Heating Heat Pump Casing and Condenser

Free to wash for water tank

This kind of heat pump adopts a multi-angle buffer protection device and protection method which is convenient for water tank transportation. The protection device includes a protection room. The inside of the protection room is provided with a clamping mechanism. The clamping mechanism includes a clamping table and the outside of the clamping table. The bottom end is fixed with the inner bottom end of the protection chamber, the first motor is fixed on the inner side wall of the clamping table, the output end of the first motor is fixed with a threaded rod, and the end of the threaded rod is away from the first motor and the clamping table The inner side wall of the screw rod is rotated and connected, the outer side of the threaded rod is sleeved with a threaded sleeve, the threaded sleeve is threadedly connected with the threaded rod, and the first sliding rod is provided under the threaded rod; the present invention allows the protective device to be easily moved through the setting of the moving mechanism Going to the designated place is convenient, quick and practical. Through the setting of the clamping mechanism, the water tank can be well clamped and fixed, avoiding positional movement of the water tank during transportation and damage caused by impact, and at the same time protecting the water tank. .


Monoblock Air Source Heating Heat Pump Casing and Condenser applied A modular pressure-bearing system air energy heat pump water heater includes a heat preservation water tank, a heat pump host is arranged on one side of the heat preservation water tank, an outlet pipe and an inlet pipe are connected between the heat preservation water tank and the heat pump host near the bottom end, and an outlet pipe Located above the inlet pipe, a fan is installed inside the heat pump host, feet are provided at the corners of the outer surface of the bottom end of the heat pump host, and a hot water pipe is connected to the outer surface of the heat preservation water tank near the upper end, so The hot water pipe is provided with a water valve; through the built-in modular pressure-bearing system, the annular heat exchange coil and the internal teeth of the utility model, the heat pump water heater in the utility model can meet the needs of large hot water users and save energy The effect is excellent, and the installation is flexible. By expanding the contact area between the heat exchange coil and the water, the heating efficiency is higher, and it is convenient to install and disassemble the hot water pipe and the cold water pipe. The utility model is simple in structure, practical and convenient.

Company introduction

20 years of professional heat pump system technology excellence

We give full play to the advantages of scientific and technical personnel, and constantly overcome the technical bottlenecks in the field of air energy water heater. We have obtained 12 invention patents, more than 50 other patents, and participated in the preparation of 25 national standards.


Gold - aluminum condensation process rapid frost

Adopts American gold-aluminum finned evaporator technology and unique precious metal coating, which can effectively improve the evaporation efficiency of air and rain water according to the operation condition of air energy in special environment. -25℃ can also be highly effective for heating.


SCL heat exchange technology high efficiency heating

SCL technology has high heat transfer efficiency. Adopts precious metal coating to prevent scaling and withstand pressure up to 30KG. Specially used in air energy products, it is an alternative product for stainless steel plate and tube type heat exchanger.


Closed refrigerant system, safe and stable

Fluorine refrigerant system leakage points, easy to lead to frequent leakage of refrigerant, reduce equipment performance and service life. Leomon heat pumps water machine system adhere to the international standard of closed refrigerant design, the unit in high or low temperature conditions also has excellent heat transfer efficiency.


The kinetic energy of subdivision, the water tank is free of washing for life

Leomon heat pumps air domestic water tank can be heated in three chambers, dynamic water circulation, to prevent muddy water, scale, the water tank life free washing, to ensure that the household hot water clean, healthy; At the same time, the subdivision heating technology can ensure that the hot water output reaches 100%, and the hot water output of 150L is equivalent to that of 200L of similar products.


Three point temperature control, real-time detection of water temperature

Leomon heat pumps air domestic water tank adopts three-point temperature control technology, which can detect the water temperature in real time to ensure that hot water is available immediately.


Integrated process of floor heating and air conditioning reduces installation faults

In the strategic deployment of "integration of host parts" for Leomon heat pumps floor heating air conditioners and ultra-low temperature heating machines, Leomon heat pumps hydraulic balancer and floor heating air conditioners integrator have been released to reduce the installation threshold and installation faults, save installation time, and improve the quality of the whole machine and the energy efficiency of the system.


Ship cabin positioning monitoring system, accurate detection of water temperature

Leomon heat pumps air commercial hot water unit adopts ultrasonic rangefinder to measure the distance between the water surface and the reference position. The weak current power supply is adopted. The ultrasonic rangefinder does not directly contact with the water in the hot water storage box, which makes it safer to use


Dual working conditions of broadband diversion technology, prolong the life of the unit

Leomon heat pumps commercial heat pump unit dual working conditions of broadband diversion combined with temperature compensation technology, in the state of temperature change, to ensure the compressor to achieve the best working state, prolong the service life, improve thermal efficiency.


Modular control system reduces energy loss

The host provides moderate energy requirements according to the end, reducing unnecessary energy loss.


The main machine does not contain electricity auxiliary heat, energy saving

The host machine of all series products of Leomon heat pumps does not contain electricity and auxiliary heat, which saves unnecessary operation cost.

Monoblock Air Source Heating Heat Pump Casing and Condensertechnical parameters

    Nominal heating capacity at room temperature(kW) 113 10.9 16 16.8
    Nominal heating at room temperature(kW) 2.56 2.65 3.9 4.1
    nominal heating
    4.8 4.75 7.9 8.1
    Low temperature nominal heating(kW) 2.1 2.15 3.38 3.5
    Maximum input power(kW) 4.2 4.2 6.6 6.8
    Maximum current(A) 23 8 32 12
    Power Specifications(Hz) 220V ~ 50 380V 3N ~ 50 220V ~ 50 380V 3N ~ 50
    Refrigerant/charge amount R22/5600g R22/5600g R22/6000g R22/6000g
    noisedb(A) <62 <62 <65 <65
    Water resistancekPa <55 <55 <100 <100
    Anti-shock level I
    waterproof level IPX4 IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
    Caliber of inlet
    and outlet
    DN32 DN32 DN32 DN32
    Unit size (mm) 1030x410x1390 1030x410x1390 1030x410x1390 1030x410x1390
    Unit Weight(kg) 142 142 148 149
  • Application of Monoblock Air Source Heating Heat Pump Casing and Condenser

Swimming pools, spas, restaurants, hotels, schools, household, wherever need heating, cooling or hot water

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