Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater for Residential Heating
Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater for Residential Heating
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC ROHS
Model Number: KFXRS-100II
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Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater


Residential Heating Air Source Heat Pump


Residential Air Source Heat Pump 410V

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/yearCryogenic Operation/Long-Range Control /R22 R410A/Residential and Commercial Buildings Air Source Heat Pump
Heating Type: Multi-power Heat
Performance COP (C.O.P.): 5.0
Max Pool Volume (m3 / Gal): 600 / 158400
Water Side Heat Exchanger: Shell & Tube
Operating Voltage: 220-380-410V
Application: Villa Family, Sauna And Swimming Pool, Hotels
Product Description

Description of air source heat pump water heater professional design & manufacturing
1. Under Floor Radient Heating, air conditioner
2. Cooling
3. Hot water

What are the advantages and disadvantages of air energy heat pump heating by air source heat pump water heater professional design & manufacturing?


Advantage 1: Comfort
The air-energy heat pump floor heating machine heats up from the feet, so that the temperature of the entire indoor space is evenly distributed, there is no sense of hot wind, which is conducive to keeping the body hydrated, and has a positive therapeutic effect on rheumatism and asthma;


Advantage two: energy saving.
The air-energy heat pump floor heating system can produce 35-60℃ hot water, and the heat is concentrated within the benefit height of the human body (below 2 meters), which saves 75% of energy compared with traditional electric heating methods;


Advantage three: convenient terminal selection
There are various choices of indoor cooling terminal, which can be grounded heating coil, radiator, fan coil, etc.


Advantage four: long life
Long service life, low maintenance cost, service life as long as 15 years or more;


Advantage five: good safety performance
Unlike electric and gas water heaters, it uses indirect heating to exchange heat with water, and there are no safety hazards such as electricity leakage and gas leakage;


Advantage six: low operating cost

The investment payback period is short, and the air source heat pump can save 70% of energy; compared with gas, electricity and electric auxiliary heating electric boilers, the annual cost is the lowest, about 1/3 of gas boilers and 1/4 of electric boilers about. The investment can be recovered in the short term. Each 1kw of electricity consumption can produce 4kw of heat energy on average, and the same electricity consumption is about 3 times more hot water than an electric hot water boiler.


Advantage seven: stable performance
Unaffected by the environment, the product runs around the clock throughout the year, and is not affected by bad weather such as night, cloudy, rain, and snow, and can provide hot water 24 hours a day, 365 days a year;
Air energy heat pump heating has three major disadvantages:


Disadvantage 1: In a low temperature environment, the heating capacity of the air-energy heat pump floor heating mechanism will decrease with the decrease of the ambient temperature and the efficiency.
Disadvantage 2: The air-energy heat pump host is relatively large in appearance, and it is required to be installed on a ventilated floor or roof, which requires relatively high environmental requirements.
Disadvantage 3: If there is a long power outage in winter and the water is not drained in time, the pipe may freeze and cause damage to the machine.


Whether it is air energy heat pump heating or air energy heat pump to produce domestic hot water, today's air energy has deeply penetrated into the two major areas of commercial and domestic life, leading the hot water supply trend and new direction of heating in the new era. The reason is that on the one hand, it is the general trend of the popularization of new energy, on the other hand, users are convinced by the powerful function of air energy heat pump for heating.
What are the misunderstandings in the selection of air energy heat pump heating equipment?


Misunderstanding 1: The more beautiful the thermal insulation tank, the better
When purchasing air energy heat pump heating equipment, some distributors of air energy heat pump heating equipment will introduce to consumers that the water tank of their air energy heat pump heating equipment is made of paint, delicate and beautiful, and very suitable for home placement.


In fact, because the water tank of air energy heat pump heating equipment is generally relatively large, most people will choose to put it outdoors or on the balcony. After a long period of wind and sun, the quality of the water tank is far more important than the appearance. The quality of the water tank is also an important factor in determining the efficiency of air energy heat pump heating equipment. The water tank made of baking varnish is good-looking but not durable. Therefore, when choosing an air-energy heat pump heating device, you must consider your actual use and not just look at the appearance.


Misunderstanding 2: The higher the set temperature, the better
Generally, many of us think that the higher the outlet temperature of the air-energy heat pump heating equipment, the better, but it is not. The higher the heating temperature, the heating efficiency will decrease accordingly. Therefore, when we use air energy heat pump heating equipment, we can choose a suitable heating temperature according to our actual situation. It is not necessary to set a high temperature. . Moreover, when the heating terminal of different air energy heat pump heating equipment reaches the same temperature, the required outlet water temperature is not the same. When the local heating is used as the end of the air source heat pump heating system, its requirement for the outlet water temperature of the air energy heat pump is lower than the requirement for the outlet water temperature of the air source heat pump heating system when the radiator is used as the end. This temperature difference can reach 10°C, so During installation, you can confirm with the installer, and then perform specific temperature control.


Misunderstanding 3: Air energy heat pump can only heat but not cool
Many people believe that the function of an air-energy heat pump is to produce heat. Because many manufacturers apply air-source heat pump products to floor heating and hot water production, users regard air-energy heat pumps as energy-saving boiler products. In fact, many air energy heat pump manufacturers ignore the cooling function of air energy heat pumps.
The evaporator of the air-energy heat pump becomes a condenser during the summer cooling. The condenser plays a role in dissipating heat outdoors. According to calculations, when the outdoor temperature is 35℃, the air can provide cold air indoors, which can keep the indoor temperature at 20 It is about ℃, and because the air energy heat pump adopts a more natural water-cooling method, it will not stimulate the human body due to the sudden cold and hot, which is more comfortable than the air conditioner.
By summarizing the seven advantages and three shortcomings of air-energy heat pump heating equipment, we have a certain understanding of the misunderstandings in the selection of air-energy heat pump heating equipment. Now we can correctly choose the air with obvious energy-saving effects and good heating and cooling effects. Can heat pump products.

Quality control:
100% inspection for each product, 3 phrases test before delivery, free spares supply, good prize if found any unqualified items
Production line:
3 production lines to guarantee production capacity and quick delivery, 2 shifts working
Technical paremeters of
Triple-Supply Air Source Heat Pump, Residential Heating, Cooling And Hot Water Three Working Modes (380V/50

Side wind
Rated voltage 220V~50Hz
Cooling and heating Nominal cooling
Nominal cooling power
Nominal cooling(COP) 2.81
IPLV 4.11
Nominal heating capacity 8.4kW(2.5kW-9.6kW)
Nominal heating power
Heating Nominal heating capacity 6.8KW
Nominal heating
power consumption
Nominal heating(COP) 3.88
Maximum operating current 20A
Maximum power consumption 4KW
Rated water flow 1.34m²/h
Refrigerant/charge volume R410A/1750g
noise ≤54dB(A)
Water resistance ≤14kPa
Maximum working pressure on low
pressure/high pressure side
Allowable working pressure on
suction/exhaust side
Anti-shock level I
waterproof level IPX4
Unit size (l× w × h) 1030×410×865(mm)
(Cold and warm) Caliber of inlet
and outlet
(Hot water) Caliber DN20
Application area 60㎡

Nominal refrigeration conditions: ambient dry bulb 35℃, outlet temperature 7℃. Nominal heating conditions: ambient dry bulb 7℃, ambient wet bulb 6℃,outlet temperature 45℃

Nominal hot water production conditions: ambient dry bulb 20℃, ambient wet bulb 15℃, initial water temperature 15℃, end water temperature 55℃.

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