106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree
106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC ROHS
Model Number: SJKRS-05I/C
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106kw Air Source Heat Pump


R744 Air Source Heat Pump


90 Degree Co2 Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/yearCryogenic Operation/Long-Range Control /R22 R410A/Residential and Commercial Buildings Air Source Heat Pump
Heating Type: Multi-power Heat
Performance COP (C.O.P.): 5.0
Max Pool Volume (m3 / Gal): 600 / 158400
Water Side Heat Exchanger: Shell & Tube
Operating Voltage: 220-380-410V
Application: Villa Family, Sauna And Swimming Pool, Hotels
Product Description

106kw air source heat pump R744(CO2) outlet of 90 degree

Description of 106kw air source heat pump R744(CO2) outlet of 90 degree

The carbon dioxide transcritical heat pump unit has a significant energy saving effect in waste heat recovery. Through the excellent characteristics of carbon dioxide supercritical, only a small amount of electricity is required to produce high-temperature hot water. In the cold area of ​​100 to 20 degrees in the north, the waste heat of the air can be absorbed. In the supercritical area of ​​carbon dioxide, the gas heat exchanger can still efficiently produce high-temperature hot water above 60 °C.

Carbon dioxide high temperature heat pump
Carbon dioxide is a natural working fluid, with high thermal conductivity and specific heat capacity, which helps to obtain high heat transfer coefficient; low dynamic viscosity can reduce the pressure drop of working fluid in the tube. The high vapor density helps to improve the mass flow rate of the working fluid, the density ratio (the density ratio represents the difference between the properties of the gas and the liquid) is small, which is beneficial to the distribution of the working fluid, and the surface tension is small, which can improve the boiling in the evaporator heat transfer intensity of the zone. The gas density is high, and the heating capacity per unit volume is large, which is about 5 times that of R22, which can reduce the size of pipes and compressors, making the system lighter, compact and small in size. The pressure ratio of the compressor (the ratio of the condensing pressure and the evaporating pressure of the working fluid) is low, the compression process can be closer to isentropic compression and the efficiency is improved. Wide range of sources and low prices.
The process of carbon dioxide transcritical refrigeration cycle is slightly different from that of ordinary vapor compression refrigeration cycle. The suction pressure of the compressor is lower than the critical pressure, and the evaporation temperature is also lower than the critical temperature. The endothermic process of the cycle is still carried out under subcritical conditions. The heat exchange process relies on latent heat to complete. However, the exhaust pressure of the compressor is above the critical pressure, and no condensate is produced during the heat release process of the working medium. The high-pressure heat exchanger is no longer called a condenser, but a gas cooler. The traditional concept of condensation temperature has been lost. Meaning, the heat exchange process relies on sensible heat to complete.


Performance of 106kw air source heat pump R744(CO2) outlet of 90 degree

Ultra-low temperature working conditions: ambient temperature DB-10-C, water inlet temperature 9°C;
Defrost condition: ambient temperature DB2°C/WB1°C, water inlet temperature 9°C; low temperature condition: ambient temperature DB7°C/WB6°C, water inlet temperature 9°C; standard working condition: ambient temperature DB20°C /WB15°C, inlet water temperature 15°C; high temperature working condition: ambient temperature DB38°C/WB23°C, inlet water temperature 29°C.
Installation Notes:
1. The spacing around the installation must not be less than Im;
2. The pipelines other than the heat pump should be protected from frost and heating elements can be installed;
3. Heat insulation and protection measures should be taken for the pipelines for hot water circulation to prevent heat loss.

HP A/mm B/mm C/mm
7.5 1450 950 1450
10 1600 950 1500
15 1850 1150 1900
20 2050 1150 1950
30 2670 1410 2150
40 2290 2270 1980


Application Diagram Pressure-bearing water tank 

106kw air source heat pump R744(CO2) outlet of 90 degree

106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree 0

System Diagram Smart Control System

106kw air source heat pump R744(CO2) outlet of 90 degree

106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree 1

106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree 2


CO2 heat pump hot water unit specification list  

106kw air source heat pump R744(CO2) outlet of 90 degree

Specification 2HP 7.5HP 10HP 15HP 20HP 30HP 45HP
Power supply 230V/1N/50Hz 380V/3N/50Hz
Heating Method Direct heating / circulating
Nominal working condition ( kw)heating capacity 7.45 28.1 37.7 56.1 74.1 108.6 158.7
( kw)
Input power
1.61 6.1 8.2 12.2 16.1 23.6 34.5
COP 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6 4.6
( m³/h)
Heating water flow
0.11 0.6 0.81 1.21 1.62 2.33 3.41
High temperature working conditions (kw)heating capacity 5.58 23.9 28.5 51.5 59.5 89 131.5
( kw)Input power 1.73 7.5 8.9 16.1 18.6 27.8 41.1
COP 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2 3.2
( m³/h)
Heating water flow
0.07 0.27 0.33 0.59 0.68 1.02 1.51
Low temperature working conditions (kw)heating capacity 4.3 15.7 19.1 31.8 38.9 59.3 90
( kw)Input power 1.59 5.8 7.1 11.8 14.4 21.9 33.3
COP 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7
Heating water flow
0.07 0.28 0.34 0.56 0.68 1.04 1.52
Parts information Water pipe interface size DN15 DN20 DN25 DN32
Water heat exchanger Plate or tube heat exchanger
Air heat exchanger Copper tube aluminum fins
Compressor type Double rotary Semi-closed reciprocating type
Operation panel Color touch screen
Maximum outlet temperature 85℃ 90℃
Refrigerant R744(CO2)
Design pressur(MPa) 15MPa(HP)/8MPa(LP)
Dimensions (L,W,H mm) 750*390*1245 1450*950*1450 1600*950*1500 1850*1150*1900 2050*1150*1950 2670*1410*2150 2070x2150x2245
( dB) Noise ≤44 ≤56 ≤59 ≤62 ≤67 ≤70 ≤70
( kg) Weight 83 550 660 780 860 1180 1360
Feedwatertemperature(℃) 5~40
( Feed water pressure MPa) 0.05~0.4
Water Outlet temperature (℃) 55~85 55~90
Maximum flow 0.24 1.2 1.5 2.4 3.2 4.9 6.5
Ambient temperature (℃) -25~43


System schematic diagram

106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree 3


106kw Air Source Heat Pump R744 CO2 Outlet Of 90 Degree 4

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