Inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump With Intelligent Control
Inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump With Intelligent Control
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CB, CE, EMC, RoHS
Model Number: KRY-24II
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R143a Inverter Air Source Heat Pump


380V Air Source Heat Pump


R407C Air Source Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: export package Woonden case or plastic film
Delivery Time: 1-30 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50,000pcs/year
Type: Air Source Heat Pump
Power Supply: 220V/1PH/50HZ,380V/3P/50HZ & Others,220V/50HZ,50/ 60Hz,380V/ 220V
Use: Swimming Pool Heater,residential Pool,school, Department Etc.,Bathroom/swim Pool/commercial,hotel
Compressor: Rotary, Copeland, *MitsubishI* Inverter Twin Rotary Compressor, Mitsubishi, R410A DC Inverter Twin Rotary *Mitsubishi*Compressor
Storage / Tankless: Storage,Instant / Tankless,Circulation Heating
Refrigerant: R410A, R407C/R410A, R22/R407C, R143a, R407c
Heating Capacity: 15.5 Kw/hour,4.5~220Kw,6.5 KW,14kW,20.3KW,220KW
Product Description

A swimming pool heat pump is a device that can obtain low-grade heat energy from the air, water or soil in the natural world, and use electricity to do work to keep the swimming pool water constant and dehumidify the high-level heat energy in the swimming pool.
Refrigeration principle:
According to the principle of the refrigeration system, the low-temperature and low-pressure liquid refrigerant exchanges heat with the surrounding water in the evaporator. The evaporator absorbs the heat of the water and evaporates into a low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous state. During the evaporation process, the temperature of the refrigerant does not change, and the low-temperature and low-pressure gaseous refrigerant enters the compression. The machine, compressed by the compressor, is compressed into a high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous state, and then enters the condenser, where it exchanges heat with the indoor medium. Part of the heat in the high-temperature and high-pressure gaseous state is absorbed by the medium, and the temperature of the medium rises. The exothermic condenser becomes a liquid with high temperature and high pressure, the temperature of the condenser does not change, and then enters the expansion valve for throttling. Throttling is a process of rapid cooling. The refrigerant becomes a liquid with low temperature and low pressure. After this process, the refrigerant enters the evaporation again. The heat exchanger evaporates, so as to realize the whole process of the refrigeration system. This kind of cycle is carried out continuously, and the water can be continuously refrigerated.


Swimming pool heat pump technology adopts the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. Driven by high potential energy, heat is flowed from a low heat source to a high heat source, that is, the heat source that cannot be directly used is converted into a usable high-grade heat source, so as to achieve partial savings. One-time high-level energy technology.


Due to the different types of low-temperature heat sources, swimming pool heat pumps have different working principles: the groundwater pool heat pump system pumps the groundwater from the groundwater well into the pool heat pump unit, exchanges heat with the working medium of the pool heat pump, and then recharges it to the original The surface water swimming pool heat pump system is a system in which river water is driven by a circulating water pump and processed directly through the swimming pool heat pump unit or through an intermediate heat exchanger for heat exchange; the ground source swimming pool heat pump system is The ground soil is the heat source, the heat exchanger of the heat pump is buried below the ground, and the circulating liquid of the pump is used to exchange cold and heat with the ground soil; the air source swimming pool heat pump system uses a dedicated working fluid to absorb heat in the atmosphere for heat exchange system.


In this way, the swimming pool heat pump heats the water by exchanging heat with the swimming pool water through the continuous circulation of the refrigerant, and at the same time, it does not release additional heat energy during operation, does not emit harmful substances, and the working fluid is completely separated from the pool water, which does not cause secondary pollution. It is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product. Therefore, in the advocacy of energy conservation and environmental protection today, swimming pool heat pumps are bound to usher in rapid development.


What is the difference between a swimming pool heat pump and an ordinary heat pump?
1. What is the concept of air source heat pump?
Using the principle of reverse Carnot cycle, this technology is environmentally friendly. It can be said that the heating effect is very obvious. Both the air heat storage and the system integration process have extremely high work efficiency. It has two main functions: first It is to meet people's heating needs, and the second is to provide hot water. From the perspective of environmental protection, it can not only make full use of energy, but also avoid the pollution problem of greenhouse gas emissions, and also save the application of electric energy.
2. Is the heat of the air source heat pump water heater a solar thermal energy product?
In a broad sense, yes, but there is a fundamental difference between air source heat pump units and solar thermal energy products. Solar thermal energy products must rely on direct sunlight or radiation from the sun to achieve the effect of converting thermal energy, while air source heat pump units mainly receive thermal energy in the air or very little solar energy to achieve thermal energy conversion.
3. There is a heat exchanger in the air source heat pump unit. Does it need electricity during operation?
The answer is yes, but only very little electricity is needed. It is used to drive the air source heat pump to absorb heat from the outside air and convert the heat into thermal energy to produce hot water. Air source heat pump water heaters do not directly use electricity to heat water, so they consume very little power.
4. What are the advantages of air source heat pump water heaters and other heating body water heaters?
The advantages of air source heat pump water heaters are: safety, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, no electrical spur components, no fuel (coal, oil, gas) and a new type of energy that will not be restricted by resources. Air source heat pump water heaters have a long service life. The operating cost of air source heat pump water heaters is lower than that of other heating body water heaters. The average annual operating cost of air source heat pump water heaters is only 1/4 of that of electric heating water heaters and 1/3~1 of that of natural gas water heaters. /2, 1/1.5 of the solar water heater. The air source heat pump system obtains a low-temperature heat source through natural energy (air heat storage), and becomes a high-temperature heat source after efficient heat collection and integration of the system, which is used for heating (supplying) or supplying hot water. The heat collection efficiency of the entire system is very high. The invention provides a swimming pool and a swimming pool filtering system, which relates to the technical field of swimming pools. The swimming pool and swimming pool filtration system include a pool body, a water pump and a motor. The interior of the pool body is fixedly connected with a partition plate, one side of the partition plate is fixedly connected with a fixed box, and the inner side wall of the fixed box is provided with a chute. The inside of the chute is slidably connected with a sliding block, the bottom surface of the sliding block is fixedly connected with a collection box, one side of the collection box is provided with a water inlet, the bottom surface of the collection box is fixedly inlaid with a filter, and the inner bottom of the fixed box is fixedly connected with a supporting mechanism , The output end of the motor is fixedly connected with a stirring blade. The swimming pool and swimming pool filtration system has the advantages of high disinfection efficiency, high filtration efficiency and good filtration effect by setting up a motor, a protective shell, a fixed box, a chute, a sliding block, a collection box, a water inlet, a filter screen and a water pump. It solves the problems of low disinfection efficiency and poor filtering effect of traditional swimming pool filtration systems

Constant temperature swimming pool heat pump
Rated heating capacity(A24/26oC) 8kw 12kw 24kw 48kw
Rated power(kW) 1.56 2.35 4.7 9.3
COP 5.1 5.1 5.1 5.16
Rated heating capacityA20/26oC 7.5kw 11kw 21kw 44 kw
Rated power(kW) 1..5 2.3 4.5 8.6
COP 5 4.78 4.66 5.11
Cooling Capacity(kW) 3.8 5.7 11.3 23.7
Consumed Power(kW) 1.67 2.5 4.9 9.1
EER 2.3 2.3 2.3 2.6
Rated voltage(Hz) 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ 380V 3N-50HZ
Maximum input power(kW) 2 3 6 12
Maximum current(A) 8 12 24 42
Water flownWh 2.3 3.5 7 13
noise dB(A) <50 <50 <65 <68
Anti-shock level I I I I
waterproof level IPV4 IPV4 IPV4 IPV4
Unit size (mm) 910x350x835 1030x410x865 780x820x1700 1550x780x1700
Unit Weight(kg) 65 95 260 380


Inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump With Intelligent Control 0Inverter Swimming Pool Air Source Heat Pump With Intelligent Control 1


Q:Why choose air to source heat pump?

A:1.It can get 4-5 times more heat than the traditional water heater. Therefore,the heating efficiency is higher.

2.Heating with air heat source is safer than electric heating.

3.Even when it is snowing in winter, you can enjoy the 24-hour hot water service provided by the air energy water heater at any time. 4.The heat pump product has no fuel emissions,can be controled by Wifi.

Q:What service do you offer?

A:.We offer OEM/ODM or our brand, strong technical team, decades experience, leader member for editting the heat pumps standard

Q:What is needed to buy a heat pumps?

A:Please tell the application of heat pumps, sizes need to be heated, then we will match accordingly

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