49dB Commercial Air Source Heat Pump R32 Outdoor Pool Heat Pump
49dB Commercial Air Source Heat Pump R32 Outdoor Pool Heat Pump
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: DKFXRS-16II/R
High Light:

R32 Outdoor Pool Heat Pump


49dB Outdoor Pool Heat Pump


50Hz Outdoor Pool Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Hot Water: Instant Hot Wayer
Installation: Freestanding,Wall Mounted/Freestanding
Refrigerant: R410A,R407C,R407C/R32/R22,R410a/ R417a/ R407c/ R22/ R134a,R410a/R407c/R22
Working Ambient Temperature: -25C To 60 C
Power Supply: 210~415V/50Hz
Indoor Machine Noise: 36-49dB
Product Description

Description of Student Dormitories Hybrid Water Heater Large Scale Central Hot Water System:
A one-way valve and a compressor system with the one-way valve belong to the technical field of compressors. A one-way valve, comprising a valve hole I (131), an oil blocking steel ball (132), an oil blocking spring (133) and a valve hole II (134). One end of the oil blocking spring (133) fixes the valve hole II ( 134) on the inside, and at the other end, push the oil-resistant steel ball (132) against the inside of the valve hole I (131). An above-mentioned one-way valve compressor system, comprising an evaporator (2), a condenser (3), a throttle valve (4) and a pipeline (5), characterized in that it further comprises a compressor module (1), The compressor module (1) includes a compressor (11), an exhaust port (12), an exhaust oil check valve (13), a suction port (14), and a suction oil check valve (15). ). It can prevent the compressor oil from flowing to the unit pipeline, so that the compressor system can work safely and stably during operation
The heat pump adopts a new kind of filter, which belongs to the field of filter technology. It includes an interception lumen, a filter screen, and a filter lumen. The interception lumen is located on the axis of the main pipeline, the filter lumen is in communication with the interception lumen, and the filter is located on the filter. In the lumen, the filter inlet of the filter is located in the interception lumen, and the inlet of the filter is facing the liquid flow direction, and it also includes a valve and a sedimentation chamber. Connected, the other end of the valve is connected to the sedimentation chamber. Aiming at the problem that the prior art filter affects the normal flow of the main pipeline when cleaning, it can clean the filter without affecting the normal flow of the main pipeline.
Application of air source heat pumps
Air Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning provide house heating and hot water,wherever need hot water, energy saving  and more economical, not feel dry,it is widely use in hospital,sauna,factory,commercial centre,slaughter, swimming pools, spas, etc
Electric water heaters and gas water heaters are two heating products that we are more familiar with. With the in-depth popularization and implementation of national environmental protection policies, air energy, an emerging energy-saving and clean product, has gradually received national attention. Subsequently, air energy ushered in new development opportunities and was favored by more and more consumers. People gradually abandoned the use of electric/gas water heaters and turned their attention to air energy water heaters. So, compared with other types of water heaters, what are the advantages of air energy water heaters?
1. Save money,more economical
Compared with electric water heaters, air water heaters can save electricity to the greatest extent. The same hot water output can save electricity to the greatest extent, but its use cost is a quarter of that of an electric water heater. Compared with traditional gas water heaters, its use cost is only one third of that of water heaters. It can be seen that the energy-saving advantages of air-energy water heaters are very prominent.
2. Green and environmental protection
The principle of air energy water heater is to convert the heat in the surrounding air into water through a heat exchanger to achieve zero emission, zero pollution, and no impact on the surrounding environment. Gas water heaters will release a large amount of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide during use, which will have an impact on the atmosphere that is difficult to eliminate.
Three, high safety performance
Because the air-energy water heater does not use electric heating elements to directly heat, compared with the electric water heater, the air-energy water heater has no risk of leakage. In addition, compared with gas water heaters, air energy water heaters will not cause gas leakage, eliminating the possibility of gas poisoning, and improving the user experience to a greater extent.
Four, comfortable and convenient
Through the heating function, the air-energy water heater can be adjusted and started according to the temperature of the water tank to ensure sufficient hot water supply for 24 hours. At the same time, air-energy water heaters will not have the problem that gas water heaters suddenly fail to provide hot water for multiple people, or that solar water heaters cannot provide enough hot water due to the weather. In severe weather conditions, air-energy water heaters can also meet consumers' demand for hot water.
Company introduction
Decades production experience, its own labotory, over 380patents, norminated supplier for buildings, leader member for ediiting air source heat pumps standard, about 80000pcs air to water heat pumps production capacity a year!
Quality control:
100% inspection for each product, 3 phrases test before delivery, free spares supply, good prize if found any unqualified items
Production line:
3 production lines to guarantee production capacity and quick delivery, 2 shifts working
Technical paremeters of air to water heat pumps with instant hot water

Spec. DKFXRS-190II/R
Nominal heating capacity at room temperature(kW) 190
Nominal heating at room temperature(kW) 43
nominal heating
Low temperature nominal heating(kW) 32.6
Maximum input power(kW) 80
Maximum current(A) 176
Power Specifications(Hz) 380V 3N ~ 50
Refrigerant/charge amount R410A/8500gX4
noisedb(A) <81
Water resistancekPa <123
Anti-shock level I
waterproof level IPX4
Caliber of inlet
and outlet
Unit size (mm) 2206x2020x2170
Unit Weight(kg) 1200

49dB Commercial Air Source Heat Pump R32 Outdoor Pool Heat Pump 0

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