Mini Split Ac Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater R410A
Mini Split Ac Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater R410A
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: LN
Certification: CE ISO CCC
Model Number: KFXRS-11I/CY
High Light:

300KW Commercial Air Source Heat Pump


R410A Commercial Air Source Heat Pump


8A Mini Split Ac Heat Pump

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: standard export package, or as per customer request
Delivery Time: 1-30 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 80000pcs/year
Compressor: Copeland
Condensor: Ripple Aluminum Fins Around Copper Tube
Refrigerant: R410A,R407C,R407C/R32/R22,R410a/ R417a/ R407c/ R22/ R134a,R410a/R407c/R22
Working Ambient Temperature: -25C To 60 C
Heating Capacity: 3-300KW
Function: Air Conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Hot Water
Product Description

Why choose an air source heat pump?
Better comfort

The air source heat pump is suitable for installation in villas and apartments. It has a "small" size and an installation area of ​​only 0.36 square meters, which does not occupy living space.

In summer, the outlet temperature of heat pump cooling can be kept between 16-22°C. Compared with the traditional air-conditioning cooling method, the body feels softer and more comfortable, allowing the whole family to say goodbye to air-conditioning illnesses.

In winter, the heat pump cooperates with the integrated underfloor heating system to dissipate heat from bottom to top, avoiding the problems of uneven and dry air from general air conditioners, and ensuring that the indoor temperature and humidity reach a comfortable balance for the human body.

In addition, when the temperature drops to about zero degrees, frosting may occur outside the ordinary air conditioner. After the air conditioner is started, the air conditioner needs to be defrosted, resulting in a long time no warm air or even cold air. With its strong heat storage capacity, the water system will start warm air in winter, so there will be no cold wind or no warm air for a long time, and it can also form a good complement to the floor heating.

Cost-effective solution

Air source heat pump, 3 kinds of high-end heating and cooling solutions, can meet users' different living spaces and needs.

Humanized design

The air-source heat pump has a sense of science and technology. Through the control of the supporting thermostat, it can realize the joint control of the heating and refrigerant air-conditioning mainframe internal machines, and operate the whole house system; the interface is simple to operate, super quiet, and quietly guards the whole family. Comfortable and healthy.

The air source heat pump has multiple functions, high efficiency and energy saving, and enjoys a warm and comfortable home life.

Description of Forced Air Heating Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps
An automatic exhaust device for an air source heat pump water heater adopted by a heat pump belongs to the field of air source heat pump water heater equipment. It includes a one-way valve and a three-way joint, and also includes a water heater host, a hot water tank, a cold water inlet pipe, and a water flow switch. The water outlet of the water heater host communicates with the hot water tank, and the top of the hot water tank is provided with hot water. The water outlet, the one-way valve is connected to the hot water tank, the horizontal right end interface of the three-way joint is connected with the one-way valve, the horizontal left end interface of the three-way joint is connected to the water inlet of the water heater, and the vertical interface of the three-way joint Connect with the cold water inlet pipe. It realizes the automatic exhaust function, so that the main body of the water heater avoids the phenomenon of high-pressure protection, and enhances the reliability of installation. The gravity-type one-way valve relies on the gravity of the valve flap to seal to prevent the water from flowing back, and the hot and cold water will not mix. This will not cause energy waste, so that cold and hot water can be stored in separate silos, ensuring the continuous supply of hot water
Application of air source heat pumps
Air Source Heat Pump Air Conditioning provide house heating and hot water,wherever need hot water, energy saving  and more economical, not feel dry,it is widely use in hospital,sauna,factory,commercial centre,slaughter, swimming pools, spas, etc

Company introduction
Decades production experience, its own labotory, over 380patents, norminated supplier for buildings, leader member for ediiting air source heat pumps standard, about 80000pcs air to water heat pumps production capacity a year!
Quality control:
100% inspection for each product, 3 phrases test before delivery, free spares supply, good prize if found any unqualified items
Production line:
3 production lines to guarantee production capacity and quick delivery, 2 shifts working
Technical paremeters of Spa Heater Air Source Heat Pump Mini Split Ac

Nominal heating capacity at room temperature(kW) 10.8
Nominal input power at room temperature(kW) 2.7
Rated voltage(Hz) 380V3N-50
Low temperature heating(kW) 8.8
Low temperature input power(kW) 2.65
Maximum input power(kW) 4.2
Maximum current(A) 8
noisedb(A) <63
Anti-shock level I
waterproof level IPX4
Caliber of outlet DN20
Unit size (mm) 1030x410x865
Unit Weight(kg) 88

 Nominal heating conditions at room temperature: environmental dry bulb 20C, environmental wet bulb 15C, initial water temperature 15C, termination water temperature 5C. Low temperature heating conditions: environmental dry bulb 7C, environmental wet bulb 6'C, initial water temperature 15'C, stop water temperature 55C.

Mini Split Ac Commercial Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater R410A 0

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